Colorful Tipped Nails

So this look was the first I’ve done with non-Zoya polish since I started buying Zoya. Although I did add Zoya in Trixie the next day to add a little something more. This look features a base of Sexy in the City with a free handed tip in Reggae to Riches, both by China Glaze. I love the hardeners in the China Glaze, I think it will help a lot with how chipped my nails usually get from work. I took pictures of the look after I did it, and then after I added Trixie in between the colors. The silver came out a little thicker than I had wanted, even with using the smallest brush I had, but it’s a nice pop. Which do you like better?

IMG_4543 IMG_4564

Red, White & Blue

Originally I was planning on doing a specific dotted look for today’s post, but I don’t really have the right polishes for it yet. So you’re stuck with another marbled look. I promise one of these days I’ll give you some variety. This marbling session didn’t really turn out as planned, but the end result is nice. I used a base of Ginessa, which is also in the marble along with Neve, and Andi. (Oh hey look, quality photos!)

IMG_4524 IMG_4536

I started doing my nails pretty late at night, after I got home from work, which was not the smartest idea. Usually my marbling goes fairly well and doesn’t take too long. I had a lot of trouble with this combination of polishes though. Neve tends to gather up in the water and makes a thick pile of polish on your nail, so I had to make sure I didn’t let too much of it in the water. Ginessa barely spreads at all, so I had to use less in the pattern. I had to do blue, red, blue, white, red, blue, white to get the right ratio. Andi works very nicely, but by the time I got my pattern ready the edges started to dry, so I had to work very quickly. I ended up just finishing and then re-doing three of my nails in the morning. If you’d like to do a red, white, and blue look there are other Zoya combinations you could try, including this lovely trio for a different take on the look.


Wear it Wednesday

Want something a little different, but don’t want to take the time to do a complicated look? Then a magnetic polish is probably your best bet. Right now the only magnetic polish I have is Nails Inc’s Houses of Parliament. It took me a couple tries to get it right, so just make sure you read the instructions carefully on your polish. They can be worn without doing the magnet effect, but what the point of that? They could also be used with the magnet as part of another design if you want to get creative.

houses-of-parliament-magnetic-polish houses-of-parliament-magnetic-polish2

Referral Contest!

Hey everybody! I just started a contest on the Marbles For Polish facebook page. The goal is to get the most friends to like the page. The winner gets a little mani kit that I will put together. The contest will end on October 15th or when there are 200 likes, whichever comes first. Click HERE to go to the facebook page and get started!

80’s Glam

This is one of those looks that I thought was going to come out way different. The colors combination really reminds me of the 80’s cartoon Jem. I used a base of Trixie with Tinsley, Zuza, and Ki. Just like Suvi, which I used in my last marble, Ki is a thin polish that is very transparent over the silver. I had wanted it to show up like it does when you use a couple of coats because it’s a cool multichromatic color. I do have to say though, I was not disappointed in how my nails turned out overall. If you can see it, I especially love how my middle nail on my right hand came out.

CAM01027-2 CAM01023-2

Guess What?

Tomorrow is my birthday! Unfortunately I’ll be staying at home all day with the kids and probably wont be doing anything. Maybe I’ll plan out some new looks! If you’d like to brighten my day with a birthday present and help out my blog you can click the donate button to the right or supply me with some polish(es). If you can’t do that, then a simple like on my facebook page would be awesome too, that is to the right of this post or click HERE.

Click HERE for my Zoya wishlist or if you donate I can pick out my own colors at the store. Let me know in the comments or by email what color combinations you’d like to see as a water marbled look, or what other types of looks you’d like to see.

Wear It Wednesday

I’m not normally a fan of pink, but there are two places I’ll accept it. One being my little girl’s clothes, and the other is, of course, my nails. I do still try to stay away from the super girly Barbie pinks though. Zoya’s Tinsley is not one of those pinks. It’s more of a golden shimmery pink. I think it’s very pretty, and it’s one of my favorites in my whole collection so far. Look out for a great marble combination using Tinsley in my Monday post.