My first water marbling experience

The first time I tried water marbling was actually a lot more successful than I thought it would be. I found a great tutorial from Laquerish here. The first time I did the marbling I only used vaseline on my fingers, but forgot to put it on almost all of my fingers each time I did one. This was the result:


Zoya colors Storm, Charla, Julieanne with a base coat of Trixie

As you can see, it was quite messy, but the polish itself looked good. I used Qtips with polish remover to clean up my fingers up. I recommend taping your fingers, it makes the clean up a lot easier. This is what my nails looked like afterwards:


Zoya colors Storm, Charla, Julieanne with a base coat of Trixie

I really assumed my first try at it would be a total disaster, but I was so happy that I didn’t have to do it over again. Since that first time, only 2 weeks ago, I’ve done water marbling on my nails 3 other times. It’s what has fueled my obsession with painting my nails and collecting nail polish. I want to come up with more color combinations and tricks to get perfect water marbled nails. Of course, I wont give up on trying other types of nail art or letting single colors shine, but you’ll see a lot of water marbling here in the next few weeks.


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