PixieDust Marbling

My second adventure with water marbling was also really exciting! I was pretty confident I could do better the next time around, but I was also feeling a little adventurous. I left a message on the Zoya Facebook page asking if they thought water marbling could be done with their PixieDust polishes. It took them a few days to answer, so I got a little impatient. I’m glad I did though, because I might not have tried it after they told me it probably wouldn’t work due to the PixieDust polishes not being creamy. I actually got this answer right before I finished the marbling.

IMG_4498 IMG_4512

 I used a base coat of Tomoko with Solange, Beatrix and Chyna. I think I should have either added another coat to the base, or just used Solange as the base coat. But either way, it came out pretty cool, it looked much better in person than it does in the pictures too. I’m looking forward to trying more water marbling with the PixieDust colors and seeing what combinations I can come up with.

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