Wear It Wednesday

Today I’m wearing Zoya PixieDust Carter. Purple is my favorite color, and this is a very nice shade of it.


The PixieDust line currently consists of 18 matte, textured sparkling polishes in 3 collections of 6 each. Carter is from the Fall 2013 collection.Zoya_PixieDust_Fall_2013_Sampler_450

Some of the cons of the PixieDust polishes are:

  • They start to chip fairly soon compared to normal polishes
  • You’re not supposed to use a base and top coat with them (though you can if you’d like)
  • The edges are a little harder to clean up and sometimes look a little rough
  • Makeup and food might lay in the texture and look dirty (I work at a bakery and powdered sugar doesn’t agree with the polish)

Some pros are:

  • You can fill in the chips easily and you can’t tell the difference
  • They have a unique texture that gets a lot of compliments
  • There is a large selection of colors already
  • They work with water marbling! (as seen in my last post)
  • If used with a top coat there is no loss of sparkle
  • There are a lot of awesome patterns and looks you can do with the PixieDust colors. Mix & match with striping tape, regular polishes, other PixieDust colors, etc.
  • All the colors I’ve used go on and come off very easy

Overall I love these polishes, especially Carter, despite some minor flaws. I want to get Liberty (and some others) so bad, then I’ll have all the colors of the rainbow and I can try out some special looks!

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