Classy Marble

This look has to be one of my favorite marbles so far. I love the colors, and the patterns turned out so well. I’ll have to keep in mind these types of polishes for future marbling. It seems like most colors without too much sparkle work pretty well, which is to be expected. This look is a base of Trixie with Neve, Ginessa, and Suvi on top. Suvi comes out very thin, so it barely even gives a green tint to the silver underneath. The thinner colors also make for cool patterns since the spread out and push the other colors into tighter ribbons of color.

CAM01009-2 CAM01006-2

Each time I do a water marble there is a favorite nail or two. I really liked how the thumb on my left hand turned out. I’ve been trying to practice with getting my nails more even.


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