Red, White & Blue

Originally I was planning on doing a specific dotted look for today’s post, but I don’t really have the right polishes for it yet. So you’re stuck with another marbled look. I promise one of these days I’ll give you some variety. This marbling session didn’t really turn out as planned, but the end result is nice. I used a base of Ginessa, which is also in the marble along with Neve, and Andi. (Oh hey look, quality photos!)

IMG_4524 IMG_4536

I started doing my nails pretty late at night, after I got home from work, which was not the smartest idea. Usually my marbling goes fairly well and doesn’t take too long. I had a lot of trouble with this combination of polishes though. Neve tends to gather up in the water and makes a thick pile of polish on your nail, so I had to make sure I didn’t let too much of it in the water. Ginessa barely spreads at all, so I had to use less in the pattern. I had to do blue, red, blue, white, red, blue, white to get the right ratio. Andi works very nicely, but by the time I got my pattern ready the edges started to dry, so I had to work very quickly. I ended up just finishing and then re-doing three of my nails in the morning. If you’d like to do a red, white, and blue look there are other Zoya combinations you could try, including this lovely trio for a different take on the look.


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