Wear It Wednesday Review: Jindie Nails

I recently got my first indie polishes, two of them being holo, which was also a first for me. Jindie Nails has a great selection, where some of the other brands I’ve seen don’t. Some brands stick to mostly chunky glitters, some do all holos or plain cream colors. Jindie Nails has holos, chunky glitter, micro glitter, mattes and more. The colors I got were Blue Ivy, Polo, and Purple University.

This is a gradient I did with the Blue Ivy and Polo which are both great holos. They go on so smooth. They are the perfect consistency for me, not to thin or thick. They are super shiny, and look amazing in direct sunlight. They also last longer than most of my other polishes, even with me working with my hands a lot. This is one coat of Blue Ivy first and then the gradient is both colors sponged over top a few times. These photos are not in direct sunlight, so expect more rainbowy shimmer from these holos.



Here is Purple University by itself (sorry for the quality of the photos). I did three coats and it came out opaque enough to cover my nails, but all the layers of glitter still show through. I’m not normally a fan of large pieces of glitter in nail polish, and sadly this one didn’t change my mind. I love the colors and shine of the glitter, but it’s just awkward and bumpy on my fingers. I did also rush the paint job, so please take that into consideration as well. I’m sure with a little more time and patience this would have come out better. I’m not really sure about the length of wear on this one because I took it off to do my nails for a different mani the next day. Like most glitter polishes it was a little tough to get the big chunks off, but a little scraping did the job.



Overall I think my favorite out of the three is Blue Ivy. Purple is my favorite color, but this shade of blue is so nice and the holographic shimmer is so strong. I will definitely be buying more polishes from Jindie Nails in the future. If you are interested in any of these colors or other on the site that are out of stock, keep checking back. The owner Jen does a great job with restocking, and she’s super nice.

**All opinions are my own and 100% honest. I have not been paid or convinced in any way to give a positive review**

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