Exciting News!

I recently posted a photo on my facebook page of some mini bottles of polish that I made for myself. I enjoyed it so much that I thought it would be amazing to start my own indie polish brand. The start up cost isn’t a whole lot, especially since my plan is to sell off of Etsy like a lot of other brands do. If you are interested in purchasing my creations, or just would like to help out, please check out the campaign HERE.


And look out for swatches of the polishes that I made next month!

Wear It Wednesday

Mermaid to Order from Sephora by OPI is one of my all time favorite colors. It looks great by itself on any skin tone. Unfortunately it looks like they are phasing out this line. You can probably still get it on Amazon or find a similar color from another brand. It’s a beautiful shiny teal green that goes on very smooth.


Mermaid Gradient

I decided to buy some new polishes for my birthday. The day before my birthday I was out and decided to try Hard Candy polishes. I saw Bitty Blue, Teeny Greeny, and Touch of Teal (which is new so it’s not on their site) and thought they would all look nice together. This gradient was the result.

IMG_4606 IMG_4624

For a $4 Walmart polish these seem to be pretty nice. Sponging on the gradient took a while because the layers came out super thin and I didn’t start with a colored base coat. I might buy more Hard Candy polishes in the future and see how they work with other kinds of nail art. I also decided to change tha shape of my nails. I’m still getting used to the “squoval” shape because I’ve always had round nails. I think they look ok, and from what I hear it’s a good shape for people who use their hands a lot at work. It will also be a good shape for more types of nail art.