My First Creations!

When I started doing all this nail art a few months ago I never thought I would make my own polishes. I started seeing so many indie brands, and easy ways to make polish for yourself. For these unnamed colors I used Lime Crime loose eye shadows that I haven’t been using. Unfortunately these are no longer sold, but they can probably be recreated fairly easily with other pigments. I bought the bottles filled with base from SillyLilyPolish on etsy. She also provides the red glitter and white flakies seen in two of the polishes. The other glitters I bought from Sally Beauty Supply.


The black polish looks so good in the bottle, but I put way too much glitter in it, so it came out very texturized. The second picture here is the black with the white flakies/glitter on top. I ended thinning that one out afterwards.

IMG_4939 IMG_4953

The light purple and blue came out really well. The consistency is good and coverage with two or three  coats is plenty. For some reason I decided to put white underneath these and it left a ugly line around the edges. There really isn’t a need for anything underneath.


The red came out pretty well too, but I’m still not a fan of big glitter, even though I made this one myself. The polish differs from the picture of the bottles up top because I added another [gold] glitter to it later, but I think it broke up because it’s meant for crafts, not polish. I love the color on this one because it has an orangey tint to it. I think it would actually be really nice without the glitter.


The dark purple came out ok. I think the glitter might have bled and lost it’s color, that’s why you see silver flecks in it. This polish could have used a little more thinning out as well. The white flakies look great over it, especially after I thinned it out.


And lastly, the green. This one came out great too. It has the same consistency and coverage as the light purple. I did 3 thin coats and the glitter shows through the most on this color.


I had a lot of fun experimenting and mixing for these colors. I would love to make my own indie brand, and start with a line that has colors similar to these. This will take a lot of time and work, but I’m willing to put in that effort to get my formulas right. If you would like to see my brand come to life you can donate any amount with the paypal link on the right, or email me to find out how else you could help out. Even liking my facebook page will help out a little. If I get enough interest I can work out pre-orders for my first collection, or wholesale pre-orders if you have a shop you’d like to sell them at. If you have any ideas for names for these polishes, or other polish colors you’d like to see please leave them in the comments or email me.

2 thoughts on “My First Creations!

  1. Found you via Reddit Lacqueristas!

    I think the green and the red are my faves, but they’re great! The black looks like it would be great for galaxy nails.

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