Opal Nails

This first version has been one of my favorite manis so far. I started off with a base of Neve and let that dry, then painted on a layer of Giovanna. I used a crumpled plastic snack baggy (we were out of plastic wrap) to “sponge” off some of the green while still wet. This makes a cool effect to begin with, but I went to 5 Below and picked up a few Fresh Paint polishes and wanted to use them. I painted on Sugar Crush then used the matte top coat. If you have a 5 Below near by, I really recommend picking up some of the Fresh Paint polishes, they’re 3 for $5 which is an amazing deal for what seems to be some nice polish. I feel like I should have done the matte coat on top of the base colors and then again over Sugar Crush, but it came out awesome either way.

IMG_4824 IMG_4837


In this version I used China Glaze’s Rainbow then topped it with Sugar Crush and the matte top coat again. I think for this one I shouldn’t have used the matte coat, it was better when it was shinier and looked more opal-y.


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