Wear It Wednesday

As some of you may have seen on my facebook page (please give it a like!), I won a naming contest recently. Daphine Polish was holding a contest to name one of the polishes in the new 2013 holiday collection. The polish was a dark lavender holo so I tried to think of a name that was both related to the color purple and the holidays. Thus the name Bahplumbug was born! My name won, which felt so amazing for me because I don’t win contests often and this one was more than just a raffle. Joanne, the owner of Daphine Polish, sent a great little package of Bahplumbug and some other little treats for my nails and my stomach!


Bahplumbug is a lovely color to wear on it’s own, I’m so glad I got it! In a darker room or in the shade it looks like a shimmery purple, and in direct sunlight it has a more subtle rainbow holo than some other polishes, so it’s not overwhelming of the base color. The photos on the left side are in the shade and the ones on the right were taken with the flash on. In direct sunlight you will get an effect similar to the photos with the flash. This is two coats of Bahplumbug with a topcoat. The polish goes on smooth and lasts for a few days with no chipping and minimal wear. I would definitely recommend buying from Daphine Polish.

IMG_5528a IMG_5521a

IMG_5505a IMG_5514a

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