Camo Nails & Super Mega Holiday Giveaway (50+ prizes)

I’m going to make you read through my post before you get to the giveaway link! Or you can just scroll down, but that’s not very nice.

Normally my husband tells me I should stop buying nail polish; but when we at Walmart picking up some last minute things we needed for our friends’ wedding he saw the big display of Sinful Colors. He must have seen the colors Envy, Beau Khaki, and Nirvana right next to each other because he instantly picked them up and told me I should do camo nails. Any time he wants to feed my addiction is alright with me. So I started with a base of Beau Khaki and then painted on splotches of the other two. I was looking up camo patterns and realized I needed another very dark brown or black. The best thing I had for this was Zoya’s Claudine, so I used that for the little straight splotches on top. I wanted to do the matte top coat for this one, but I’ve been using it so much lately that I decided I’ll just do it the next time I do camo nails. And hey, this look would be great if you’re out turkey hunting!



So now for this huge giveaway! A couple lovely ladies from Happy in Holos and Aly’s Dream Polish have put together an amazing grouping of three different rafflecopters with prizes equal to over $1200! Included in the prizes are four out of my seven first creations. Click the image below to get to the post on Happy in Holos.

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