Wear It Wednesday Review: Gothic Gala Lacquers

Today I have four awesome colors from Gothic Gala Lacquers for you. First of all, the packaging is so awesome. I would have taken a picture of it, but I was too busy ripping into it. The polishes were in little purple bags, and there was a homemade bat lollipop! Now on to the polishes. The formula for all of them dries super fast without bubbling, I don’t know how Samantha does it! I tried out two thermals and two holos. Sadly, the thermals didn’t work well for me because I’m always cold and I also filed my nails fairly short before trying these. So the colors you see for the thermals will be what color they look colder. Hopefully when I try them again when it’s warmer out the thermal will work better. To see how they look on long nails with the actual thermal gradient, plus other colors, check out the Gothic Gala Lacquers Facebook Page.

press sample

I’m starting with Lilac Dreams. This is a purple thermal polish that goes from a lilac when warm to a dark purple when cold. The color is very rich and only take a couple coats for full coverage, but it comes out matte when dry, as seen in the first picture. The second picture has a top coat which makes it smooth out very nicely.

IMG_5596 IMG_5606

The second color I tried is Vallis Frigada, another thermal. When warm it’s a bright mauve and when cold it’s a beautiful deep burgundy. Again, the color is very rich and it also comes out matte when dry. Here are photos without and with the top coat, also only two coats of color.

IMG_5594 IMG_5611

I’m not really that disappointed that the thermal didn’t work for me since they’re both beautiful colors. I did breathe on my nails to check out the color fading, but it went too fast for me to capture with my camera.

Next up, Vallis Sanguine. This one is a purpley red with a pretty holo shimmer. It’s already glossy so a top coat wont affect it and wont take away from the holo. A couple coats will give you full coverage.

IMG_5651 IMG_5646

And lastly, my favorite of them all, Liquid Violet. This duochrome holo is so gorgeous! One of my new favorites for sure. It’s a light pinkish violet that shifts into blue. The holo in this one is so pretty in direct sunlight. Again, a couple coats gives full coverage.

IMG_5633 IMG_5623

The only problem I had with all the polishes was that there were a couple tiny lumps in each, but that’s to be expected from indies because it already takes a lot to mix them. All the polishes dried super fast and only need two coats. Gothic Gala Lacquers has a good variety of finishes with a lot of purples and reds plus a mix of some other colors thrown in. I can’t wait to see what else Samantha comes up with, I will definitely be buying from Gothic Gala Lacquers in the future, I already have my eye on a few.

**All opinions are my own and 100% honest. I have not been paid or convinced in any way to give a positive review**

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