Wear It Wednesday Review: Royal Lacquer

All these reviews are tiring me out! It’s worth it though, I keep getting to try really awesome polish brands. Today I have a review of three polishes from a newer indie brand called Royal Lacquer. This brand is really promising. They also carry Vynails nail stickers/guides.

press sample

Fist Up I tried Minty. This one is a green jelly with a subtle shimmer. I really love this color when opaque. With one or two coats it comes out a little streaky because the consistency is on the thicker side. Once you get to three or four coats it’s perfect. The photo on the left is two coats and the left is four coats. This polish is perfect for doing jelly sandwich manis.

IMG_5747a IMG_5759a

Next up is Jingle. This is a very sheer black base with green, red and silver holo glitter. This polish also needs a few coats for full coverage. The first picture is three coats of Jingle. The second mani was really fun. It’s one coat of Minty, a coat of Jingle sponged on, another coat of Minty and then once again, Jingle sponged on. I’m not sure how fond I am of the black base. I think I’d like it better as just a clear topper.

IMG_5789a IMG_5792a

Lastly, Purple Squared. This is another jelly. A really pretty shade of purple with small holo glitter and larger holo squares. The only problem I had was there weren’t a whole lot of squares, and some of them were stuck to the sides of the bottle so I had to dig around for them. Three coats of Purple Squared gets a good opacity.

IMG_5806a IMG_5820a

And here are a few things I did with the Vynails stickers. On the left I used the outer part of the sticker and filled in the heart then pealed the sticker off. The middle is a sticker just placed on my nail. They are plenty sticky and stay down pretty well. A top coat is recommended over the sticker, but I didn’t use one here. The right side is supposed to be a butterfly, but it didn’t turn out all that well. I placed down the sticker, painted over with a top coat and then used tweezers to peel it off. I don’t own needle nose tweezers, so it might have worked better if I did have them. There are a lot of different ways you can use the Vynails, they make nail art super easy when you don’t have the time.


One thing about all these polishes that’s good and bad is that they peel off easily. It’s good because it makes for easy removal that wont damage your nails, but I was getting some polish peeling off whole pretty soon after doing my nails. I’m not sure if this is a characteristic of jelly polishes or maybe because they need a few coats. Overall though, this is a great brand with really pretty colors and the Vynails are a must have. I’d love to try out some creams and other types of polishes from Royal Lacquer in the future. Check out the shop as well as their facebook page for more info and purchasing.

**All opinions are my own and 100% honest. I have not been paid or convinced in any way to give a positive review**

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