Christmas Garbage Nails

Guys… I’m really sorry. For this entire post. The photos are awful cell pics and the mani is a disaster, but I felt the need to post my fail. I would have tried something else Christmasy, but with my hand in the brace for a week I couldn’t do much of anything. I knew I had wanted to do more than one Christmas mani for the blog, but this one did not turn out like I had wanted it to. I tried doing the watercolor method but it didn’t work all that well. I covered it up with glitter and that just made it busier. I did get a compliment from one of my regular customers who’s into doing her nails. She said the glitter is what attracted her. I used a base of Purity and the colors on top are Zoya Suvi, Milani Bet on Red, and China Glaze’s Paper Chasing. The glitter topper is Julep’s Shoshanna.

CAM01224-2 CAM01226-2

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