Wear It Wednesday Review: Liquidus Nail Gloss

A while back I won a new color from Liquidus Nail Gloss. Unfortunately there was a problem with the formula and the polish dried up. Danielle was so nice to replace the polish with something else of my choice. I gave her a list of a few things from her shop that I like and told her to surprise me. When I opened up my package I was so happy and grateful that she sent two polishes!

The first polish is Sunstone. A shimmery sheer golden color. I used three thinner coats and it’s almost completely opaque. The formula is fairly thin, which I prefer. The color is gorgeous! I don’t have polishes in the yellow family, but this will be a staple in my collection. You can use this polish for a work friendly mani, or to dress up other polishes.


Next I tried Pyrite with accents of Sunstone on the ring finger and thumb. I only did one coat of Sunstone, so it’s barely noticeable which may be good for other colors because it will add a really pretty shimmer. Pyrite is a golden green and looks just like the mineral of it’s namesake. Again a great formula!

IMG_6297a IMG_6291a

I loved both of these polishes. The formula and colors are great. I’d love to get more Liquidus Nail Gloss in the future. If you’d like to see more check out the LNG etsy and facebook.

Drunk Love Collection

As some of you know, I promised if I reached 3k likes on my Facebook page by the end of the week I would share a sneak peak of my first collection coming out (hopefully) next month. Well Here it is! The Drunk Love collection is 5 glitter toppers with 3 different glitters in each, all named after drinks.

Cosmopolitan – matte red hex, metallic pink hex, and random cut red

Mimosa – matte yellow square, pale yellow square, and yellow micro bar

Margarita – lime holo hex, pastel green micro bar, and random cut white

Blue Hawaiian – turquoise holo hex, blue holo hex, and random but blue

Dark Matter – charcoal holo hex, purple holo fine glitter, and purple micro bar

IMG_6326a IMG_6338a

I tried them over the white first, then the black. They really pop over the black because they’re bright, small glitters. Cosmopolitan and Blue Hawaiian will work great for glitter gradients or just as a topper. The others will be great as toppers or for jelly sandwiches.

So what are your thoughts on my first collection? What’s your favorite? What kind of look would you like to do with them?

Wear It Wednesday Review: Philly Loves Lacquer

I’m really excited for this review today. I’ve been eying up Philly Loves Lacquer polishes for a while. Esther is obviously in Philadelphia which is a city I love. I grew up right across the bridge and I’m still less than an hour away from the city now. It’s really cool to be so close to another indie maker. I received 3 polishes from the Fancy Winter Wench Collection, named after the Fancy and Wench Brigades of the Mummers (I actually went to school with somebody who’s a mummer).

press sample

First up is Saturnalian. A dark blue scattered holo. The formula is great, it went on nice and smooth and it has a rich color. It’s very shiny even without a top coat. I have nothing bad to say about this polish!

IMG_6230a IMG_6248a

Next I tried out Avenuers. This one is a grey cream with a scattered holo and a rainbow of micro glitter. I had a little trouble with the application of this one after it had been traveling in the cold and was left to sit. I did add some thinner to it, but the photos reflect application before it was added and with no top coat. I do like the shade of grey, but I’m not a huge fan of the micro glitter in it because it seems to get a little lost for me. I’ve been in search of a nice grey holo and this one is almost what I want.

IMG_6274a IMG_6285a

Last I tested out The Pirates. It’s a black that also has a scattered holo and rainbow micro glitter. I definitely like the micro glitter in this one better. The formula of this one also went on nice and smooth and lasted through me being rough on my hands at work without a top coat. This is a nice twist on a black polish and can be worn for many occasions.

IMG_6258a IMG_6265a

And because I took the photos of Avenuers before thinning it out, I decided to do a little nail art with all the colors. I did use a top coat this time, so all the colors came out smooth and shiny.


Overall these polishes are great. I love the formulas and colors. Check out the rest of the collection HERE on the 24th when it’s available, there are some other amazing colors, I may just have to pick up a couple of the others.

Pac-Man Nails

I’ve wanted to do Pac-Man nails for quite some time now, I was just waiting to collect all the right colors. I had a little trouble with getting the pellets perfect because the dotting tools I have to go big enough. I had to just drop some polish on to my nail. I think I also should have filed my thumb nails shorter to get Pac-man a little rounder, but I do love my length. The colors used are all Zoyas, Pippa, Shelby, Robyn, Arizona, America, Purity, Tart, Raven and Flynn. I am so proud that I typed them all out by memory haha!

IMG_6202a IMG_6215a

Magma Nails

About a couple weeks ago I complained on my facebook page that I didn’t know what to do for a mani. My friend Sara said I should do a gradient and with that I got an immediate idea. I’ve been doing a lot of cool colored manis lately, and though it’s still cold out, I wanted to change it up. Introducing, my magma nails. I absolutely love this look! This mani uses all Zoya polishes, starting with a base of Thandie. I sponged on Thandie, Rekha, and Raven then topped with Chloe and top coat for extra shine and protection. I absolutely love flakies! Chloe isn’t available anymore, but there are a lot of other great flakie toppers out there.

IMG_6158a IMG_6180a

IMG_6171a IMG_6173a

And when you’re done ogling the pretty shininess, don’t forget to enter my giveaway! You can tweet and share every day for more entries.

Wear It Wednesday

You all know I love Zoya polishes by now. The formula is so perfect and their colors are lovely. I recently got FeiFei from a blog sale and it’s awesome. I didn’t have anything like it so it was a great addition to my collection. It’s a foil polish with blue, gold and pink sparkle. Full coverage in 1-2 coats.

Zoya_Nail_Polish__FeiFei_450 Art of Beauty


New Years Giraffe

As some of you may have seen, I said I was going to do something a little different for my New Years nails. I didn’t go out or anything, my husband and I just watched a few episodes of Dr Who. I still felt the need to do something fun and glittery, so why not do something I’ve wanted to for a while? Giraffe nails! Giraffes are my favorite animal and I had planned on doing giraffe nails at some point, but it was going to be browns. But it doesn’t hurt to change an idea a little bit. I used all China Glaze polishes for this one, starting with prism as a base. The spots are Coconut Kiss, and it’s all topped with Fairy Dust.