Drunk Love Collection

As some of you know, I promised if I reached 3k likes on my Facebook page by the end of the week I would share a sneak peak of my first collection coming out (hopefully) next month. Well Here it is! The Drunk Love collection is 5 glitter toppers with 3 different glitters in each, all named after drinks.

Cosmopolitan – matte red hex, metallic pink hex, and random cut red

Mimosa – matte yellow square, pale yellow square, and yellow micro bar

Margarita – lime holo hex, pastel green micro bar, and random cut white

Blue Hawaiian – turquoise holo hex, blue holo hex, and random but blue

Dark Matter – charcoal holo hex, purple holo fine glitter, and purple micro bar

IMG_6326a IMG_6338a

I tried them over the white first, then the black. They really pop over the black because they’re bright, small glitters. Cosmopolitan and Blue Hawaiian will work great for glitter gradients or just as a topper. The others will be great as toppers or for jelly sandwiches.

So what are your thoughts on my first collection? What’s your favorite? What kind of look would you like to do with them?

One thought on “Drunk Love Collection

  1. These are really pretty. They could be blinged out or mellowed down really easy by whatever you used as an undercoating. I will be watching for it.

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