Wear It Wednesday Review: Liquidus Nail Gloss

A while back I won a new color from Liquidus Nail Gloss. Unfortunately there was a problem with the formula and the polish dried up. Danielle was so nice to replace the polish with something else of my choice. I gave her a list of a few things from her shop that I like and told her to surprise me. When I opened up my package I was so happy and grateful that she sent two polishes!

The first polish is Sunstone. A shimmery sheer golden color. I used three thinner coats and it’s almost completely opaque. The formula is fairly thin, which I prefer. The color is gorgeous! I don’t have polishes in the yellow family, but this will be a staple in my collection. You can use this polish for a work friendly mani, or to dress up other polishes.


Next I tried Pyrite with accents of Sunstone on the ring finger and thumb. I only did one coat of Sunstone, so it’s barely noticeable which may be good for other colors because it will add a really pretty shimmer. Pyrite is a golden green and looks just like the mineral of it’s namesake. Again a great formula!

IMG_6297a IMG_6291a

I loved both of these polishes. The formula and colors are great. I’d love to get more Liquidus Nail Gloss in the future. If you’d like to see more check out the LNG etsy and facebook.

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