Wear It Wednesday

Wow, I feel like I haven’t had a normal WIW post in so long! Hopefully between selling my polish, my job and home I can still keep up with my regular posts. If you’ve been following me from the start you know I’m a huge fan of Zoya. I really would love to have every Zoya color even though there are a lot that are close to each other. Whenever I go to Ulta I check the clearance section first to check if there are any Zoyas in there. I’ve gotten a few clearance ones, Amy being one of them. I didn’t think I would like this color all that much but had to buy it anyway. I absolutely love it! It’s a gorgeous fiery orange metallic. It went on so smooth and I barely had to do any clean up and it’s opaque in 1-2 coats.

IMG_6713a IMG_6723a

Zoya_Nail_Polish__Amy_450 Zoya_Nail_Polish__Amy_460


I wanted to get another 7 Deadly Sins polish up for you today, but my nails are sad little nubs right now. So I have a couple pictures of Wisteria that I took a while ago. It’s a pretty purple with a very subtle holo shimmer. I have a couple of these made, but I’m waiting on more supplies to make more before I list it in the shop.

IMG_6356a IMG_6363a

Stripy Mattey Flakie

I wasn’t quite sure where I was going with this look when I started. I began with a base of Zoya Suri and then put Maisie on my ring fingers as an accent. It wasn’t enough for me, I needed to turn it into nail art. I decided to alternate Maisie and Chloe then couldn’t decide if I wanted it to be matte or not. Why not both? I took some striping tape and did stripes of Fresh Paint’s Matte Top Coat. Some of the matte didn’t turn out right so the next morning I put tape back over the blank spots and did another coat of matte. This made it more matte and gave it more height which I think came out pretty cool. This look seems really tropical to me and really makes me miss warm weather.

IMG_6574a IMG_6581a

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day loves! Here’s a quick mani using Zoya Dovima with top coat and Chyna. I originally tried doing swirls of Chyna, but I wasn’t getting lines thin enough for my liking. So I did much easier little hearts! Just start with two dots next to each other and drag them down to connect. I liked how well my thumb came out but it was kind of tough to get a good angle.

IMG_6605a IMG_6610a

Wear It Wednesday Review – Pretty & Polished

With Valentines Day coming up, a lot of indie brands have new colors coming out to celebrate. Pretty & Polished has three new polishes for V-Day. Two are matte cremes to match the well known candy hearts and the other is a glitter topper. I got to try out First Kiss, a pink matte.

press sample

The formula for First kiss is so nice. It’s a thinner polish which I prefer but it’s still opaque in two coats. For pink lovers this one is great, but sadly I’m extremely picky about pinks, so this one isn’t my favorite shade. I also feel like it’s not 100% matte. It still has a little bit of a sheen to it which makes me think a little bit of rubber.


I also tried First Kiss with a top coat over it and added glitter accents of Cosmopolitan from my upcoming collection. I definitely like it better with the top coat.


If you like pink polishes I would absolutely recommend this polish. It’s a good value at $8.50 and the formula is awesome. Although this isn’t my favorite shade, I would love to try some other colors from Pretty & Polished because of the quality. Check out their site or facebook page.

Flossed Silver

Lately I’ve been at a loss for nail art. There are some specific things I want to do, but they’re a little time consuming and I just haven’t been up for that. I’ve seen the spun sugar look going around, but the other day I saw a tutorial using floss picks. It was so easy to do, though mine didn’t come out looking like spun sugar. I don’t think it would have even if I used pastel colors. I used a base of Zoya Tart and pressed on Cassedy and Trixie with the floss. Left is with top coat and right is without, there isn’t really a visible difference.

IMG_6499a IMG_6519a