I’ve been working on this collection for a while now. Formulating, reformulating, ordering more glitter. So now I am finally able to introduce you to the Assemble! collection. This collection of 6 polishes is based off of the Avengers (the team you’ll see in the newer movies, because there are a bunch of Avengers all together). Some of these polishes may stain because of the intense pigment, especially the blue, so please use a base coat (maybe even two coats of it). These will be released May 1st. You can purchase full sized individually or as a collection, and minis as a collection only. All the photos below are 2 or 3 coats of polish with no top coat. A top coat will definitely make these look more jelly-like.


The Scientist – a green jelly with matte neon green and purple glitters. Based on the Hulk.


The Operative – A black jelly with red-gold shimmer and metallic blue and matte red glitters. Based on Black Widow.


The Soldier – A blue jelly with matte red slices and silver glitter. Based on Captain America.


The Archer – A purple jelly with matte black slices and diamonds and green-blue-purple shifting glitter. Based on Hawkeye.


The God – A black jelly with gunmetal shimmer, gold shreds, and red and blue glitters. Based on Thor.


The Mechanic – A red jelly with red-gold shimmer and gold holo glitters. Based on Iron Man.

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