WIW Review: Gothic Gala Lacquers Burlesque Girls Part 1

If you frequent my blog you’ve seen that I did a Gothic Gala Lacquers review before. Today I have 4 out of the 8 polishes from the Burlesque Girls collection. The collection consists of 7 holos and a shimmery micro flakie topper. All the polishes are absolutely beautiful, I’m so excited to share these with you!

press sample

First off is Sassy Citrine, a golden holo. I has very mild streaking on my first coat, but it smoothed out perfectly with the second. This polish is pretty pigmented so you wont need more than 2 coats. The holo isn’t as strong in this one which is very understandable. Holo pigment tends to grey out warmer colors so it was a very smart decision for his one. (L flash, R no flash)

IMG_8078a IMG_8085a

Next is Sinfully Stephanie, a bright purple holo. This is definitely one of my favorites. This one is a little thinner, which I like, and it takes 2-3 coats with no streaking. The pigmentation and holo is great in this polish. (L no flash, R flash)

IMG_8088a IMG_8095a

This one is Lili St. Cyr, a grassy green holo. This one is also on the thinner side and takes 2 coats. There was no streaking and the pigmentation and holo are awesome. Look at that linear goodness! (L flash, R no flash)

IMG_8160a IMG_8167a

And lastly for this post, is Perle Noir, a dusty purple holo. This one is thicker and very pigmented. It only needs one thick coat or two thinner ones. The holo is so pretty in this polish and isn’t hindered by how pigmented it is. (L flash, R no flash)

IMG_8183a IMG_8192a

I did use a top coat on all of these because most of them dried a little bit matte, but they look lovely both ways and the holo is just as amazing without a top coat. For the thicker ones you can add a thinner to get the consistency that you like. I prefer my polishes on the thinner side so I might add some next time I got to wear them. All of them had little to no streaking and dried very fast. You can get each polish from the Burlesque Girls collection for $9 each or the entire collection for $65 at http://www.gothicgalalacquers.com/. And look out next Wednesday for Part 2!

Unboxing: Birchbox May 2014

Hello and welcome to my first unboxing post! I get three subscription boxes now that I added on Birchbox. Besides that one I get Julep, which some months a skip if the colors aren’t for me, and Naturebox. I decided that I’ll do an unboxing post every time I get my Julep or Birchbox. I might do the Naturebox every once in a while, but we tend to get the same stuff all the time.

So now for the May 2014 Birchbox! The packaging was very simple but fun. I was very excited to try out all my products.


In the little blue package was a peach Noya lip gloss and a black Cynthia Rowley eyeliner. The lip gloss is on the thicker side and has a nice tint of color which is good because I think if it were any more opaque it wouldn’t be for me. The eyeliner doesn’t smudge all that easily so I found it to be better for doing a classic line on my eyelid and nothing else.


Next I got these Smarty Pants gummy vitamins. They were actually very good but I looked them up on Birchbox’s site and they are a little more on the pricey side so I wont be buying these.


Then I tried CoTZ Face natural skin tone sunscreen. It was very light and not greasy at all, but I feel like it was a little too dark for me. It blended into my skin well, but I’m not used to having a healthy glow!


And last I got Nexxus Color Assure 3 step system. It starts with a primer that you put in your hair before you shower. This helps repel water so it doesn’t wash out your color. The primer left my hair feeling kind of greasy even after the shampoo and conditioner.


Overall these seem to be decent products but none of them were really for me. I would probably buy the gummy vitamins and sunscreen if they were cheaper, but for now I’ll stick to my more affordable options. There were a few products in the preview that I was hoping to get in my box so I was a little disappointed to not see any of them. I even did a swap of my polish with somebody for the PIXI lip balm that she got.

So the next unboxing you’ll probably see will be my next Naturebox since you haven’t seen that from me, and then my next Birchbox since I skipped Julep this month.

WIW Review: Aurora Lacquers

If you haven’t heard of Aurora lacquers yet you might want to check them out. The mother daughter team is taking the indie world by storm and with good reason too. They’re friendly and fun and have great creative minds. I was sent four polishes from Aurora lacquers to try out.

First I tested out The Dusty Fairy. The formula was on the thick side but that happens more often in mini bottles (which I got) and it’s being reformulated. This one is a silvery holo glitter that seems to have a bit of a blue or pink sheen in certain lighting. This is two coats with no top coat. I didn’t get a chance to get photos with the top coat, but you can see the holo sparkle much better with one.


Next I tested My Fair Lily, a pale pink cream. For me it’s very hard to see the pink in this polish, especially when it’s on me. The formula is great for this one though. On the thinner side which I love for creams and no streaking. This is two coats but some people may be able to get away with one thicker coat.


Next I tested Cookie Gardens, a crelly with pink and purple glitters. This one has purple flowers and pink butterflies in it. I got a good amount of the butterflies out but I was only able to get one flower and it got covered up after the next coat. This one is on the thinner side too and went on very nicely.


Lastly I used Imaginary Butterfly. A glitter topper with pink and purple glitters and silver holo butterflies. It was very easy to get the glitters out and it covers well with one coat. The second pictures in Imaginary Butterfly over Cookie Gardens, My Fair Lily, and then The Dusty Fairy.

IMG_8058a IMG_8142a

I was really excited to try out these polishes. I’ll definitely be using The Dusty Fairy a lot as well as My Fair Lily for an undie. The dry time and wear were good and they all had great application. I can’t wait to see what’s next from Aurora Lacquers, and you might even see a collaboration from our brands later on!

Sherbet Skittles

Hey guys! I’ve got a super fun mani for you today. I subscribe to the Julep monthly maven box; and sometimes the colors aren’t that exciting for me, but this month was awesome! The colors I got in my box this month were Saaya, a soft bright orange, and Laree, a bright pink. They both have a gorgeous golden orange shimmer to them as well. When I saw them in person they reminded me very much of orange and watermelon sherbet. They also went perfectly with a crelly and glitter topper that I made recently. I had actually been planning on making colors very similar to the Julep polishes I got, so I just decided to do the mani I was planning with them instead.


IMG_8117a IMG_8109a

My pointer and pinkie have 3 coats of my crelly polish, My thumb is 2 coats of Laree with my glitter topper, my middle is 3 coats of Saaya with the glitter topper, and my ring finger is Laree and Saaya striped with striping tape. I haven’t had this much fun doing a mani in a while because of how busy I’ve been. I love how summery this mani is and how well the polishes go together. I may still put out colors similar to Saaya and Laree along with the crelly and glitter topper as a set. Look out for that (or at least the two I’ve already made) within the next few months at my shop. And you can subscribe to Julep HERE.

WIW Review: Diddy Hop Polish

I’ve got a new indie brand to share today! The brand is called Diddy Hop Polish, created by a fellow blogger. I got three polishes to try out and I’m very pleased with what I got.

press sample

The first polish I tried out was Cloaked in Velvet, a blackened red polish. It really is velvety and smooth. It’s almost a one coater, but I did a second coat just to get it completely opaque and smooth.

IMG_7881a IMG_7894a

Next I tested Wrapped in Satin, a shiny deep blue. This one is also very smooth and it’s shinier than the previous polish. It’s not as pigmented though, so I need three coats to get it opaque.

IMG_7897a IMG_7901a

Last I tried out Laden With Lucite, a dark green with gold shreds. This one is opaque in two coats. It’s also very shiny and I could see it as a great fall or winter color.

IMG_7910a IMG_7919a

All three of these polishes dried pretty fast and go on and remove easily. The wear was about the same as most other polishes are for me. I’m really looking forward to seeing what Diddy Hop Polish comes out with next. I hear something about holos!

Holo Marble

I figured I was long overdue for a water marble. I’ve been so busy with my family and my polish brand that I haven’t been doing nail art as much. I figured I could use some of my own polish for nail art, that way I could test out how it works for marbling and show it off! I started with a base of Zoya Purity and Raven for the accent. The marble is Marbles For Polish Hydro, Psylocke, Lightning, and Jubilee. I feel like I should have done another nail black underneath because the contrast is a little too much. I like how the colors came out both ways though. The holo is much stronger over black, but in regular lighting it was a little easier to see what the colors were over the white.

IMG_7827a IMG_7832a

WIW Review: LynBDesigns

I recently got the chance to take advantage of a great sale from LynBDesigns. She was doing 50% off, plus if you bought 3 or more polishes there was a surprise polish thrown in.
So of course I had to buy 3 polishes! Here are all four that I got.

First I tried Blue Whale. I don’t normally go for polishes with a lot of glitter but this one is so pretty! It’s a shimmer jelly with lots of different blue and silver glitters. You can definitely get away with two coats but it will be darker if you do more than that.

IMG_7685a IMG_7697a

Next up was Wait, Wait, Wait… Is This a Kissing Book? I know I say often how I don’t normally like pink, but darker pink and gold always attract me when I’m looking at nail polish. This one is a pink jelly with pink and gold flakies. The polish itself is very sheer, but there is enough of the flakies to make it opaque in a couple coats.

IMG_7817a IMG_7812a

Next I tried Spring Fever which is the free polish I got. I’m not incredibly fond of the shade of pink, but I love the blue-green shimmer in it.

IMG_7844a IMG_7848a

Last I tried Purple Polish of Sex. I absolutely love this one. It’s a deep purple with shimmer. I think this one might be a fall/winter staple for me this year.

IMG_7856a IMG_7850a

All four polishes have great formula and and stayed pretty well for me. I’m very satisfied with the colors I picked out and I’m sure I’ll be purchasing from LynBDesigns again.