Sherbet Skittles

Hey guys! I’ve got a super fun mani for you today. I subscribe to the Julep monthly maven box; and sometimes the colors aren’t that exciting for me, but this month was awesome! The colors I got in my box this month were Saaya, a soft bright orange, and Laree, a bright pink. They both have a gorgeous golden orange shimmer to them as well. When I saw them in person they reminded me very much of orange and watermelon sherbet. They also went perfectly with a crelly and glitter topper that I made recently. I had actually been planning on making colors very similar to the Julep polishes I got, so I just decided to do the mani I was planning with them instead.


IMG_8117a IMG_8109a

My pointer and pinkie have 3 coats of my crelly polish, My thumb is 2 coats of Laree with my glitter topper, my middle is 3 coats of Saaya with the glitter topper, and my ring finger is Laree and Saaya striped with striping tape. I haven’t had this much fun doing a mani in a while because of how busy I’ve been. I love how summery this mani is and how well the polishes go together. I may still put out colors similar to Saaya and Laree along with the crelly and glitter topper as a set. Look out for that (or at least the two I’ve already made) within the next few months at my shop. And you can subscribe to Julep HERE.

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