WIW Review: Aurora Lacquers

If you haven’t heard of Aurora lacquers yet you might want to check them out. The mother daughter team is taking the indie world by storm and with good reason too. They’re friendly and fun and have great creative minds. I was sent four polishes from Aurora lacquers to try out.

First I tested out The Dusty Fairy. The formula was on the thick side but that happens more often in mini bottles (which I got) and it’s being reformulated. This one is a silvery holo glitter that seems to have a bit of a blue or pink sheen in certain lighting. This is two coats with no top coat. I didn’t get a chance to get photos with the top coat, but you can see the holo sparkle much better with one.


Next I tested My Fair Lily, a pale pink cream. For me it’s very hard to see the pink in this polish, especially when it’s on me. The formula is great for this one though. On the thinner side which I love for creams and no streaking. This is two coats but some people may be able to get away with one thicker coat.


Next I tested Cookie Gardens, a crelly with pink and purple glitters. This one has purple flowers and pink butterflies in it. I got a good amount of the butterflies out but I was only able to get one flower and it got covered up after the next coat. This one is on the thinner side too and went on very nicely.


Lastly I used Imaginary Butterfly. A glitter topper with pink and purple glitters and silver holo butterflies. It was very easy to get the glitters out and it covers well with one coat. The second pictures in Imaginary Butterfly over Cookie Gardens, My Fair Lily, and then The Dusty Fairy.

IMG_8058a IMG_8142a

I was really excited to try out these polishes. I’ll definitely be using The Dusty Fairy a lot as well as My Fair Lily for an undie. The dry time and wear were good and they all had great application. I can’t wait to see what’s next from Aurora Lacquers, and you might even see a collaboration from our brands later on!

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