Unboxing: Birchbox May 2014

Hello and welcome to my first unboxing post! I get three subscription boxes now that I added on Birchbox. Besides that one I get Julep, which some months a skip if the colors aren’t for me, and Naturebox. I decided that I’ll do an unboxing post every time I get my Julep or Birchbox. I might do the Naturebox every once in a while, but we tend to get the same stuff all the time.

So now for the May 2014 Birchbox! The packaging was very simple but fun. I was very excited to try out all my products.


In the little blue package was a peach Noya lip gloss and a black Cynthia Rowley eyeliner. The lip gloss is on the thicker side and has a nice tint of color which is good because I think if it were any more opaque it wouldn’t be for me. The eyeliner doesn’t smudge all that easily so I found it to be better for doing a classic line on my eyelid and nothing else.


Next I got these Smarty Pants gummy vitamins. They were actually very good but I looked them up on Birchbox’s site and they are a little more on the pricey side so I wont be buying these.


Then I tried CoTZ Face natural skin tone sunscreen. It was very light and not greasy at all, but I feel like it was a little too dark for me. It blended into my skin well, but I’m not used to having a healthy glow!


And last I got Nexxus Color Assure 3 step system. It starts with a primer that you put in your hair before you shower. This helps repel water so it doesn’t wash out your color. The primer left my hair feeling kind of greasy even after the shampoo and conditioner.


Overall these seem to be decent products but none of them were really for me. I would probably buy the gummy vitamins and sunscreen if they were cheaper, but for now I’ll stick to my more affordable options. There were a few products in the preview that I was hoping to get in my box so I was a little disappointed to not see any of them. I even did a swap of my polish with somebody for the PIXI lip balm that she got.

So the next unboxing you’ll probably see will be my next Naturebox since you haven’t seen that from me, and then my next Birchbox since I skipped Julep this month.


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