WIW Review: Gothic Gala Lacquers Burlesque Girls Part 1

If you frequent my blog you’ve seen that I did a Gothic Gala Lacquers review before. Today I have 4 out of the 8 polishes from the Burlesque Girls collection. The collection consists of 7 holos and a shimmery micro flakie topper. All the polishes are absolutely beautiful, I’m so excited to share these with you!

press sample

First off is Sassy Citrine, a golden holo. I has very mild streaking on my first coat, but it smoothed out perfectly with the second. This polish is pretty pigmented so you wont need more than 2 coats. The holo isn’t as strong in this one which is very understandable. Holo pigment tends to grey out warmer colors so it was a very smart decision for his one. (L flash, R no flash)

IMG_8078a IMG_8085a

Next is Sinfully Stephanie, a bright purple holo. This is definitely one of my favorites. This one is a little thinner, which I like, and it takes 2-3 coats with no streaking. The pigmentation and holo is great in this polish. (L no flash, R flash)

IMG_8088a IMG_8095a

This one is Lili St. Cyr, a grassy green holo. This one is also on the thinner side and takes 2 coats. There was no streaking and the pigmentation and holo are awesome. Look at that linear goodness! (L flash, R no flash)

IMG_8160a IMG_8167a

And lastly for this post, is Perle Noir, a dusty purple holo. This one is thicker and very pigmented. It only needs one thick coat or two thinner ones. The holo is so pretty in this polish and isn’t hindered by how pigmented it is. (L flash, R no flash)

IMG_8183a IMG_8192a

I did use a top coat on all of these because most of them dried a little bit matte, but they look lovely both ways and the holo is just as amazing without a top coat. For the thicker ones you can add a thinner to get the consistency that you like. I prefer my polishes on the thinner side so I might add some next time I got to wear them. All of them had little to no streaking and dried very fast. You can get each polish from the Burlesque Girls collection for $9 each or the entire collection for $65 at http://www.gothicgalalacquers.com/. And look out next Wednesday for Part 2!

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