WIW Review: Gothic Gala Lacquers Burlesque Girls Part 2

It’s Wednesday again! Time for Part 2 of the Burlesque Girls collection from Gothic Gala Lacquers.

press sample

First up this week is Opal Jamila, a silver holo with silver micro glitter. This one is a little thick and I got a little streaking on the first coat but it’s opaque in 2 coats and the streaking goes away. Itdries a little textured but smoothes out just fine with a top coat. I feel the holo would be a little bit stronger if it were a tad bit thinner, but that’s very easy to do on your own with polish thinner. The glitter is visible in the bottle but when I applied the polish it kind of blended in. I think I would have liked it with either no glitter, more glitter, or possibly a darker glitter. (L no flash, R flash)

IMG_8229a IMG_8243a

Next is Gyspsy Rose Lee, a dark pink holo. This is one of the rare times I like a pink polish. It’s on the thicker side but it’s also very pigmented and has great holo. You can get away with one thicker coat or two thin ones and like most of the other GGL polishes, it dries pretty quick. (L no flash, R flash)

IMG_8253a IMG_8261a

And this is Dannie Diesel, a deep blue holo. I was so excited about this one especially, it’s so pretty! It has a good consistency, pigmentation, and holo. You can also do 1-2 coats with this polish. It dried fast and cleaned up pretty easy with no staining. (L no flash, R flash)

IMG_8310a IMG_8325a

And last from the Burlesque Girls collection is Krystal Sparkle which consists of different colored shimmer a flakies. This polish can be used on it’s own in several coats or as a topper. To me it’s a little hard to see all the different colors over light or bright polish, but it looks gorgeous over black, maybe I’ll use it for my next galaxy mani. This one is a little thick too, but that works because you only need one coat for a topper to get good coverage.

IMG_8265a IMG_8285a

My overall thoughts on the Burlesque Girls collection are very positive. Pretty much all the polishes dry quickly and go on nice and smooth. As stated before, some are a little thick for my liking, but it’s easy to make them thinner. The colors are amazing! I was really excited to see some brighter colors from Gothic Gala Lacquers this time around, and it seems like there will be more in the near future. The polishes from this collection are $9 each or $65 for the whole collection, and I highly recommend getting them all!

And now for an added bonus, Astrid! This one was sent to me by mistake instead of Dannie Diesel so for the trouble Samantha had to go through to get the right polish to me I figured I could at least add it to my review. Astrid is a dark blue metallic with scattered holo. It’s so pretty and goes on nicely in 1-2 coats. I was not upset at all that she mixed them up! You can get Astrid for $8.50, a great price for this polish.

IMG_7950a IMG_7957a

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