Galaxy Nails – Second Attempt

So I knew that I wanted to give galaxy nails another shot. This time I changed up the colors a bit. I started with a base of Zoya Raven and then sponged on China Glaze Snow.

10463945_10154297661400089_8239135602081791681_n 10483704_10154297661290089_8671010988811907677_n

Now is where I start to get a little lost… I may have forgotten which colors I used next. I can’t remember what pink I used, maybe a Sinful Colors polish that I just got. And I believe I used a purple China Glaze after that.

10458121_10154297661510089_8263088648064808782_n 10494596_10154297660825089_5263853907624832367_n

Now I know I used China Glaze Frostbite  for the blue and then topped it with Gothic Gala Lacquer’s Krystal Sparkle. I did the stars with Snow again but I’m thinking I should have skipped the white stars and done some big glitter or maybe just tiny silver stars.

10426631_10154297661000089_4656970687234850540_n 10401432_10154297660655089_7008431519884445369_n

Here’s the final product. Overall I like how the colors turned out, but I think I ruined it with the stars. That’s pretty much what happened with the last galaxy mani too. Next time I swear I’ll do better!

IMG_8362a IMG_8371a

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