Ladybug Nails

I really bummed myself out earlier this month. I went to help out with my son’s class for their ladybug day. They hatched and raised ladybugs and they were doing activities before releasing them. I realized after I did my galaxy mani that I should have done ladybug nails! I still thought ladybugs would be cute and I did get compliments on them. Please excuse the tip wear on this one, I didn’t get to take the photo right away. I used all Zoya polishes for this one. I started with a base of Rekha, let it dry, then painted Raven on for the head, wing separation, and the spots with a nail art brush. When that was dry I used the same brush to paint the white patterns on the heads with Purity. I used HK Girl top coat to smooth it all out. I’m pretty happy with how this mani came out overall. I’m looking forward to getting back into doing more nail art!


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