New Flakie Colors

Hi everybody! I’m on vacation right now and I was planning on doing an unboxing post today, but I stupidly deleted my photos and didn’t have time to take new ones. But I’ll just say I wasn’t impressed with my Birchbox again this month. I’m going to give it one more try and then cancel it if I don’t like it. But anyway, I decided to share some polishes I worked on recently. I’ll definitely be releasing a few of them, but I think 9 similar polishes may be too much. All of these polishes are made with a small amount of pigment and a lot of micro flakies. Each polish has just two colors of flakies. A, D, and F have two different purple flakies. B, G, and H have two different blue flakies. And C, E, and I have pink and orange flakies. It’s cool how different they turned out with just a little pigment of different colors/shades. Which ones would you like to see released? I’m really fond of A, B, C, and D the most.


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