Glacier Nails

If you follow me on facebook you may have seen that I did a mani to go with my Magma Nails below.


I used Zoya polishes again and did almost the opposite of the orange/red/black. Introducing Glacier Nails!


I used Purity as a base, then sponged a gradient of Mira (which I just got from the threedom sale), Robyn, and Purity again. I topped it with two coats of Maisie and a top coat.

IMG_9393a IMG_9385a

I think my right hand turned out a little better this time, it’s just a little tough to photograph.


I was most excited for the fact that my nails are all even this time around. They are much healthier now and don’t break as often. I might have to do a couple more of these at some point. I’m thinking maybe earthy ones next!

And if you haven’t seen it yet, or don’t know about my polish brand. Check out these pretty polishes I released yesterday. You can click HERE to find them in my shop.


Neon Marble

Hey everybody! I have a quick post for you today. I did a marble a while back that I never got the chance to share. I bought the China Glaze Spin Me Round water marbling kit they put out which came with Snow, Turned Up Turquoise, Celtic Sun, and I’m With The Lifeguard. I replaced Celtic Sun with Frostbite because I liked the look of the blue/teal/green combo. The kit also comes with a little cup and a stick to swirl the polish. I painted on snow as a base then I tried using the cup and sick it came with; but what having issues so I switched over to my usual supplies, a plastic party cup and toothpicks. I realized later that it wasn’t the little cup that was the issue, but it was the polishes. The colors it came with (besides Snow) dry matte and it just didn’t work as well as glossy cremes do in a water marble. I had to re-do a couple nails, but I did get a decent result in the end.


Wear It Wednesday *Spoilers*

When I had the chance to pre-order the March and April Enchanted Polishes this year I passed because I was disappointed in all the other EPs I had gotten so I sold them. I really regretted it after seeing the pictures of them, so when the pre-order for May, June, and July came up I took the chance. I used May and July in a mani you’ll see in a couple weeks, but for now here’s June. I’m putting a black & white photo first just for those who don’t want to continue with the post in case they haven’t seen the colors yet. Although at this point I think the photos have been going around.


And here is June 2014 in all it’s glory! It’s a beautiful purple with a bit of a pink shift. It’s a holo and a duochrome! I’ve been staying away from that combo in one polish because some just don’t look right to me. This one is the right amount of both though, and it works wonderfully. The formula for EPs is super smooth and you can get away with one coat most of the time. Left is no flash and right is with flash.

IMG_9456a IMG_9454a

I’m very excited to show you the beautiful mani I did with the other two colors. And I’ll definitely have to get my hands on March and April somehow too.

Holo & Multichrome

The other day something just popped into my head. I really wanted to do another plastic wrap mani but it needed to be special. I decided to use one of the prototype holos that I made as the base. I’ll definitely be releasing this one when I’m able to. On top I wanted to use I Love Nail Polish‘s Cygnus Loop. The results were spectacular!

IMG_9137a IMG_9125a

The color ship in ILNP’s multichromes are amazing, I really need to get more. Look at those gorgeous colors, the two look so good together!

IMG_9146a IMG_9144a

If you haven’t done a plastic wrap mani before you should really try it, it’s so easy. Just paint on your base color, let it dry completely, a quick dry top coat in between will be even better. Then Paint on the color you want on top and pick some of the polish off with crumpled plastic wrap. You can always add more polish and repeat a couple times on the same nail if you lifted too much off. What do you think of this one? I’d love to see yours too!

Unboxing: Birchbox July 2014

Hey everybody! I know I skipped last month’s unboxing for Birchbox. I accidentally deleted my photos and didn’t feel like retaking them because I wasn’t happy with the box. This month was a lot better for me though. They paired up with Women’s Health this time around.


As usual there was a description card with my products. There was also a cool little pamphlet with simple things you can do to improve yourself.


The first two products I tried out were the pore refining primer and lip lube. The primer was smooth and lightly tinted so it didn’t change my skin color at all. I didn’t really notice any difference in the size of my pores though, even after applying makeup on top. The lip lube is a nice texture and it’s minty, but I didn’t like the color I got. I’ll probably only wear it around the house.


Next was the peel and leave in conditioner. I followed the instructions for the peel and my face did feel nice and smooth after. This sample will probably be enough for a month or two of use if it’s used weekly as recommended. The spray in hair conditioner is supposed to protect color, strengthen and nourish hair. I’ve used it twice so far and haven’t seen any differences, but I’ll finish off the bottle. I don’t really have any big issues with my hair so I probably wouldn’t buy something like this in the future.


And lastly, the Riffian polish and remover towelette . I didn’t use these, but the cool thing was that I got to pick which color I got. I did pick the one I wanted out of three but I honestly don’t think I’ll use it. I’ll probably find somebody to swap with for something else I want.


This was a pretty good box for me overall. I’m still iffy about Birchbox as a whole because I don’t use many beauty products besides eye makeup and nail polish. I’ll keep giving it a try and see where it goes.

WIW Review: Black Dahlia Lacquer

Happy Wednesday everybody! I’ve been pretty busy lately, but I’m trying to work on regular posts for you again plus I’ve been prepping for new color releases. Now for a new indie brand! I received two polishes from Black Dahlia Lacquer to test out. This brand isn’t open for business just yet, but they are working on putting together their fall collection.

The first polish is a dark blue linear holo. It seemed to have a pretty wide holo if that makes sense. The application was very smooth and I only needed one or two coats for full coverage. The picture on the left is with no flash and is a good representation of the color. The second picture’s color is off because of the flash, but you can see the beautiful rainbow holo effect.

IMG_9101a IMG_9106a

The second was a glitter topper with different sizes of silver holo glitter. I wouldn’t normally wear glitter as big as the large hex in this one, but I kind of liked the fact that you can see a whole rainbow in one piece of glitter. Again, left side is without flash and right side is with.

IMG_9112a IMG_9124a

These polishes together lasted pretty long for me, I barely had any wear before I took it off a couple days later. Because I work with my hands a lot my polish usually chips or peels pretty quick. I did also have a top coat in between the polishes and then on top, but sometimes that doesn’t always help. The only issue I had was that some of the big glitter doesn’t lay flat on curved nails, so I was picking some of them off. Overall this brand looks like it has a ton of potential. They are very organized already, so expect an amazing launch!

Wear It Wednesday

Wow, I haven’t done a normal WIW in a while! This time I’ve decided to feature one of my own colors because I was taking swatch photos anyway. This one is Glistening Waves, a topper that’s packed with holo glitters. One of my swatchers, Becky, came up with the name and I think it fits perfectly.


It’s hard to tell because of how sparkly and colorful this polish is, but it’s only 3 glitters. It’s a micro fine silver holo glitter, and fine sky blue and lime green holo glitters. Here it is with one coat, two coats, one coat over Marbles For Polish Mermaid Summer, and one coat over Zoya Raven.


And these pictures are just two coats. It’s amazing that you get full coverage in two coats and yet it still looks amazing with one coat over other colors. I wore this to work yesterday and didn’t get any chipping or wear, which I normally do because I have my hands in the sink a lot. I don’t mean to gloat, but I’m pretty proud of the things I come up with, even if they are pretty simple.