Wear It Wednesday

Wow, I haven’t done a normal WIW in a while! This time I’ve decided to feature one of my own colors because I was taking swatch photos anyway. This one is Glistening Waves, a topper that’s packed with holo glitters. One of my swatchers, Becky, came up with the name and I think it fits perfectly.


It’s hard to tell because of how sparkly and colorful this polish is, but it’s only 3 glitters. It’s a micro fine silver holo glitter, and fine sky blue and lime green holo glitters. Here it is with one coat, two coats, one coat over Marbles For Polish Mermaid Summer, and one coat over Zoya Raven.


And these pictures are just two coats. It’s amazing that you get full coverage in two coats and yet it still looks amazing with one coat over other colors. I wore this to work yesterday and didn’t get any chipping or wear, which I normally do because I have my hands in the sink a lot. I don’t mean to gloat, but I’m pretty proud of the things I come up with, even if they are pretty simple.



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