WIW Review: Black Dahlia Lacquer

Happy Wednesday everybody! I’ve been pretty busy lately, but I’m trying to work on regular posts for you again plus I’ve been prepping for new color releases. Now for a new indie brand! I received two polishes from Black Dahlia Lacquer to test out. This brand isn’t open for business just yet, but they are working on putting together their fall collection.

The first polish is a dark blue linear holo. It seemed to have a pretty wide holo if that makes sense. The application was very smooth and I only needed one or two coats for full coverage. The picture on the left is with no flash and is a good representation of the color. The second picture’s color is off because of the flash, but you can see the beautiful rainbow holo effect.

IMG_9101a IMG_9106a

The second was a glitter topper with different sizes of silver holo glitter. I wouldn’t normally wear glitter as big as the large hex in this one, but I kind of liked the fact that you can see a whole rainbow in one piece of glitter. Again, left side is without flash and right side is with.

IMG_9112a IMG_9124a

These polishes together lasted pretty long for me, I barely had any wear before I took it off a couple days later. Because I work with my hands a lot my polish usually chips or peels pretty quick. I did also have a top coat in between the polishes and then on top, but sometimes that doesn’t always help. The only issue I had was that some of the big glitter doesn’t lay flat on curved nails, so I was picking some of them off. Overall this brand looks like it has a ton of potential. They are very organized already, so expect an amazing launch!

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