Holo & Multichrome

The other day something just popped into my head. I really wanted to do another plastic wrap mani but it needed to be special. I decided to use one of the prototype holos that I made as the base. I’ll definitely be releasing this one when I’m able to. On top I wanted to use I Love Nail Polish‘s Cygnus Loop. The results were spectacular!

IMG_9137a IMG_9125a

The color ship in ILNP’s multichromes are amazing, I really need to get more. Look at those gorgeous colors, the two look so good together!

IMG_9146a IMG_9144a

If you haven’t done a plastic wrap mani before you should really try it, it’s so easy. Just paint on your base color, let it dry completely, a quick dry top coat in between will be even better. Then Paint on the color you want on top and pick some of the polish off with crumpled plastic wrap. You can always add more polish and repeat a couple times on the same nail if you lifted too much off. What do you think of this one? I’d love to see yours too!


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