Wear It Wednesday *Spoilers*

When I had the chance to pre-order the March and April Enchanted Polishes this year I passed because I was disappointed in all the other EPs I had gotten so I sold them. I really regretted it after seeing the pictures of them, so when the pre-order for May, June, and July came up I took the chance. I used May and July in a mani you’ll see in a couple weeks, but for now here’s June. I’m putting a black & white photo first just for those who don’t want to continue with the post in case they haven’t seen the colors yet. Although at this point I think the photos have been going around.


And here is June 2014 in all it’s glory! It’s a beautiful purple with a bit of a pink shift. It’s a holo and a duochrome! I’ve been staying away from that combo in one polish because some just don’t look right to me. This one is the right amount of both though, and it works wonderfully. The formula for EPs is super smooth and you can get away with one coat most of the time. Left is no flash and right is with flash.

IMG_9456a IMG_9454a

I’m very excited to show you the beautiful mani I did with the other two colors. And I’ll definitely have to get my hands on March and April somehow too.

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