Glacier Nails

If you follow me on facebook you may have seen that I did a mani to go with my Magma Nails below.


I used Zoya polishes again and did almost the opposite of the orange/red/black. Introducing Glacier Nails!


I used Purity as a base, then sponged a gradient of Mira (which I just got from the threedom sale), Robyn, and Purity again. I topped it with two coats of Maisie and a top coat.

IMG_9393a IMG_9385a

I think my right hand turned out a little better this time, it’s just a little tough to photograph.


I was most excited for the fact that my nails are all even this time around. They are much healthier now and don’t break as often. I might have to do a couple more of these at some point. I’m thinking maybe earthy ones next!

And if you haven’t seen it yet, or don’t know about my polish brand. Check out these pretty polishes I released yesterday. You can click HERE to find them in my shop.


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