Fall Dry Brushing

A while back some of you may have seen I posted this photo on my facebook page, just to brighten up a post.


Somebody suggested it would make a great mani, so instead of just attempting to make a flower which I assumed would turn out bad, I wanted to go another route and just use the colors. I painted my nails with a base of Zoya Josie for a green background. When that dried I was going to put drops of America, Pippa, and Louise at the base of my nails and dry brush them upward. This did not work…. at all. So I decided to just try a normal dry brush, by dipping the brush into the polish and brushing it on to my nail randomly.

IMG_9401a IMG_9406a

The result was not the best in my opinion. I do like the dry brush technique, it’s easy to do, I just didn’t pick the right colors. This one screams muddy fall day. Next time I will most likely do what I’ve seen other people do and use brighter neons with black, or maybe try white and pastels. What are your thoughts on this mani? Love it, hate it?

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