Enchanted Gradient

A couple weeks ago I did a Wear It Wednesday with Enchanted Polish’s June 2014. That one seemed to be the fan favorite out of the three that were released together. I bought all three and was very pleased this time around. Before I had even tried on June I used May 2014 and July 2014 as a gradient. The results were stunning! I don’t often wear the same mani multiple times, but I might do this one again!

IMG_9420a IMG_9432a

I started with a base of Zoya Lulu, which is a sheer nude, and might be my go to base for some of my gradients now. Then I painted May and July onto a makeup sponge and started dabbing it onto my nails. Since I did not wet the sponge first a lot of the polish soaked in and left May (the orange) very light. When I went to do my second hand I used the same spot on the sponge and since it had dried polish on it the orange came out much darker. So I removed it and completely redid it with another spot on the sponge. Both ways looked beautiful but I did prefer this way better. I’m really excited for the next release because I really want September, my birth month.

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