Holo Watermelon

Before I get into this mani I just want to state that it was not going to be watermelons at first, it was just going to be stripes. I changed it up for two reasons, one being because I started doing the stripes and the two greens together screamed watermelon to me. The second reason was because I owe you guys some actual nail art. I’ve been doing a lot of gradients and other simple stuff lately and I need to put in more effort when possible. And now for some nails!


I started with a base of Hero’s Shade from Philly Loves Lacquer. This polish was exclusive to the July 2014 Holo Grail Box by Dazzled. I put a top coat over that and saved the nail art for the next day. I used striping tape on my middle and ring fingers and topped it with March 2014 from Enchanted Polish then removed the tape right away. On the other nails I took a french tip guide and turned it around so it curved around the bottom of my nail. I used Enchanted Polish’s July 2014 for the red and removed the guide. I let that dry a bit then carefully used striping tape over Hero’s shade again and painted on March. I used a toothpick to dot on the seeds with Zoya’s Raven. Once the black was dry enough I used my top coat which did cause a tiny bit of streaking from the black. Left photo below is with flash and right is without, above photo is also with flash.

IMG_9669a IMG_9663a

I am very happy with how this mani turned out! I think the stripes look super cool because the holo in March is more pronounced than in Hero’s Shade and they contrast very well. I was a little sad at first because I didn’t have a watermelon colored holo, but then I remembered I had this red and it fit so perfectly! Anything lighter wouldn’t have looked right in my opinion. What are your thoughts on this one? I think it’s one of my best manis in a while.

2 thoughts on “Holo Watermelon

  1. This is so awesome! It makes me want to eat watermelon and paint my nails holo. At the same time! Well, maybe not that. But I will paint my nails with a certain brand’s new holo tonight 😉

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