Red & Blue Dry Marble

I’ve been wanting to try some dry marbling for a while now, and I really should have done it sooner! I only used two colors for this for marble because I saw two sitting out that I though would look good together. I started with a base of Julep Karmen and when that was mostly dry I put some drops of Karmen and Zoya Song on top. Then all I had to do was swirl around the drops with a dotting tool, but you could use a toothpick or anything else small to do the job. Occasionally swirling the wet polish would pull up some from the base of Karmen, but it was very easy to just fill back in. I purposely didn’t use a top coat over the base color because I wanted everything to blend together. It was a little lumpy after drying, but putting a top coat over the whole thing smoothed it out very nicely. I just love how well these two colors went together. They both have a nice shimmer to them and look even better in person!


IMG_0418a IMG_0414a

Wear It Wednesday

Good morning! Today I have No Plain Jane for you, a duochrome from China Glaze. I love the shade of purple but I’m not sure that I like how it’s a little brown on the edges when the color shifts. I usually like my duo/multichromes a little stronger but this one (and the others from this collection) would be great for something more subtle. I did three coats for opacity but I think I rushed a little and got a bit of bubbling, which mostly smoothed out with a top coat. What are your thoughts on this polish?

IMG_0323a IMG_0329a

Birthday Glitter

Hey everybody! Yesterday was my birthday and the day before that I had a polish meet up in Philly. I had really wanted to do some fun nail art like cupcakes or something but I just wasn’t feeling it when I went to do my nails. I opted for a simple glitter gradient for some birthday sparkle. I used a base of Marbles For Polish Lynn which is now available in my shop. Then I dabbed China Glaze Prism on the tips and used a dry brush to drag it down. I did this a couple times on each nail, dragging it down less each time which made for a pretty successful gradient. Hopefully next year I can do something fancier!

IMG_0344a IMG_0354a

Wear It Wednesday

Hi everybody! Today I have Zoya Wendy for you, it’s a bright coraly pink (I believe their description is grapefruit). Sadly, I think I’ve found a Zoya formula I don’t love. It could just be my bottle, but it was thin, yet goopy at the same time. It was also streaky with the first couple coats. But with those issues aside, I actually do like the color. I’m starting to become much more open to different pinks on my nails. I think my photos did come out a little brighter and pinker than the polish is, the photo in the left is slightly more accurate.

IMG_0318a IMG_0308a

Blue Hawaiian Gradiet

Oh no! You’ve had a break and now your nails are super short. What to do? Well I’m in the same boat for the moment, so hopefully I can bring some decent nub nail art to you for the next couple weeks. Today I have a simple sponged gradient using Zoya Ling and Wednesday. I topped it with Marbles For Polish Blue Hawaiian and in the last two pictures I used Fresh Paint matte top coat.


IMG_0256a IMG_0266a

IMG_0279a IMG_0271a

I really love these colors together! I think Blue Hawaiian goes really well with a lot of different polishes. I love that it’s still a little twinkly under the matte top coat and really blingy with the glossy one. I can’t wait to show you what else I’ve got planned for my short nails!

Wear It Wednesday

I didn’t have a post ready for today so I asked what color polish I should feature on my facebook page. All the people that voted chose purple, so I couldn’t disappoint! This is sinful colors Purple Gleam, a purple textured polish with pink and blue shimmer. I’ve had this polish sitting untried since I got it for Christmas. I really had wanted to use it, I just never got around to it. I think it has a lot more dimension on the nail than in the bottle. Top photos are without top coat and bottom are with. It was very easy to apply and is opaque in 2-3 coats. I think I like it worn both ways too.

IMG_0215a IMG_0213a

IMG_0226a IMG_0224a

Neon Dots

Happy Monday everybody! I’ve got a simple mani, that turned out to be not so simple to do. I started with two coats of Zoya Dahlia and a top coat, easy enough. Then came the dots. I used China Glaze I’m With The Lifeguard, Sun Worshiper, Turned Up Turquoise, and Celtic Sun. I used a dotting tool so it was easy to apply the dots, but Celtic Sun especially was very thin and transparent so I had to wait for the dots to dry a bit and go over them again. It’s a little hard to tell the difference between the yellow and green in the pictures, but it was more noticeable in person. I also wish I hadn’t broken a nail recently because my nails were getting nice and long and I think this mani would have looked a bit better with more black showing. What are your thoughts on this mani?



Wear It Wednesday Review: Anne Katleen Heather on the Moor

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you’ve seen a few Anne Kathleen reviews. Every time I’ve gotten these polishes I’ve been impressed and this is no exception. Heather on the Moor is a small collection with 3 polishes, and they are beautiful and a dream to apply.

press sample


The first one I tried was Ling, a pale lavender with a pinkish purple shimmer, just like heather flowers. The shimmer was hard to capture with my camera, but it is very plentiful. The application was very nice, and depending on the thickness of your coats it will take 2-4 to make this polish opaque.

IMG_0042a IMG_0061a

Next I tested Tawny, a bright lime green leaning towards the yellow side. Again, a very smooth application opaque in 2-3 coats. Usually I got for cooler toned greens, but this one is fantastic!

IMG_0123a IMG_0130a

Last is Heather, a purple toned greyish brown that will be perfect for fall. This one was my favorite to apply, it took 2 coats and was so silky. The picture on the left came out a little dark, but the right is more color accurate.

IMG_0138a IMG_0142a

All swatches shown have a top coat, but they are pretty shiny on their own. Again, I am blown away by the quality of these Anne Kathleen polishes, I can never find anything bad to say! They are on the thinner side, which I like, they wear well, and the colors are lovely. I really want to play around with these a bit and do some nail art. These polishes will be available in just two days on September 5th!

Green and Gold

Sometimes you want to do some nail art but you just don’t have the time. That’s where pretty glitters and top coats come in. This simple mani is China Glaze Paper Chasing, which was one of my untrieds with a coat of Fresh Paint Sugar Crush on top. I’ve used Sugar Crush for a few different manis, but it’s really cool to see how it comes out over different colors. Over Paper Chasing it look like a very pretty yellow gold. I got a lot of compliments on this mani which made me feel pretty awesome since it was something so simple.

IMG_0105a IMG_0121a