Blue Hawaiian Gradiet

Oh no! You’ve had a break and now your nails are super short. What to do? Well I’m in the same boat for the moment, so hopefully I can bring some decent nub nail art to you for the next couple weeks. Today I have a simple sponged gradient using Zoya Ling and Wednesday. I topped it with Marbles For Polish Blue Hawaiian and in the last two pictures I used Fresh Paint matte top coat.


IMG_0256a IMG_0266a

IMG_0279a IMG_0271a

I really love these colors together! I think Blue Hawaiian goes really well with a lot of different polishes. I love that it’s still a little twinkly under the matte top coat and really blingy with the glossy one. I can’t wait to show you what else I’ve got planned for my short nails!

8 thoughts on “Blue Hawaiian Gradiet

  1. Gorgeous sorry or long they are so beautiful. Love them. They are longer then mine mine usually grows fast but I had a break a month ago and they aren’t growing so fast it’s probably because il want them to lol. You Always have lovely manis im so .jealous.

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