Ignite Gradient

Hey everybody! I’m really excited to share this mani with you today. I’ve gotten a lot of new Zoya shades recently, and of course I’ve had to use a bunch of them. The Ignite collection are all beautiful fall shimmers that work very well together. For this mani I used India, Sansa, and Remy. I started with a normal base coat and sponged on the three colors together with a makeup sponge. Sometimes gradients require another base color, but these polishes are so well pigmented that I was able to get it opaque in a few coats and no colored base. Sponging goes on much thinner than just painting so a few coats is still fairly thin on the nail. I put a top coat on it and then took my pictures….

IMG_0563a IMG_0577a

And then I did this! I added Fresh Paint Sugar Crush, which I feel really made it pop and look more like an “ignite” mani. This is one looks so gorgeous in person too! Sugar crush is definitely one of my favorite toppers because it looks good over pretty much any polish and you don’t need more than one coat to get a bunch of flakies on the nail.

IMG_0592a IMG_0593a

Which version do you like better, with or without Sugar Crush? I’m really liking the mani with it!

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