Review: Dragon Claw Polish

Happy Friday everybody! I’ve got a brand new indie for you today, and I have to say I am very impressed so far. I tested out a polish from Dragon Claw Polish a while ago and loved it, and this time around I got the chance to try out a whole soon to be released collection called Icky Made Pretty.

press sample

The first polish I tried is called Spider Eyes. It’s a black jelly with shifting flake pigment. It goes from purple to gold beautifully. I did two thicker coats for opacity or three thin coats would also work. The application was smooth and cleanup was easy. Dry time was great as well. This is definitely my favorite from this collection, it’s a great fall color with a lot of dimension.

IMG_0599a IMG_0612a

IMG_0619a IMG_0617a

Next I put on Dragon Fly Wings, a beautiful blue with a green/gold shifting shimmer. This one also had a great dry time and I did two coats, but I would recommend three to get rid of the visible nail line. This is my second favorite out of these polishes, it also has a lot of dimension and would be good for either spring or winter.

IMG_0644a IMG_0646a

IMG_0655a IMG_0653a

Next up is Ant Venom, a orchid chrome polish. I did two coats for opacity and the dry time was very good. I rushed this one so you might see some imperfections, but that is by no means because of the polish. I love how this one leans toward a purpley pink.

IMG_0664a IMG_0667a

IMG_0676a IMG_0671a

Last is Moth Dust, a sheer white with pink shimmer, iridescent glitter and purple micro bar glitter. This one definitely does remind me of moth dust. I did three coats and there was still some VNL. It looked good even with just the first sheer coat and you can also use it over other polishes. Again, dry time was very good and even with the glitter the clean up was easy.

IMG_0689a IMG_0677a

IMG_0693a IMG_0695a

I did use a top coat over all these polishes, I used Ellagee’s Glass over Spider Eyes because I completely forgot to use Diamond Claw, the top coat that was included in my box from Dragon Claw Polish. It was nice and thin so it went on easily and dried fast. It’s definitely up there with a lot of other great top coats I’ve tried out. Look out for all these products coming soon from Dragon Claw Polish, they’re all great!

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