Matte Velvet Stripes

Hello ladies and gentlemen! I’ve got a mani that I’m super proud of today! It’s very simple, but it took quite a while compared to others I’ve done and I’m really glad the pictures came out awesome too. I used all Zoya Matte Velvets for this one. I started with a base of two coats of Harlow on all fingers except my ring which was three coats of Loredana. Since I wasn’t using a top coat I had to wait a little while to make sure the base colors were completely dry. I then put down striping tape and did Loredana over my middle finger and Posh over all the others. At first I though maybe I should have used Savita (purple) instead of Harlow or that maybe Dovima (black) would have been better than Loredana. But overall I really like how it turned out, and there’s always next time to try other color combinations!



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