Holographic Glitter Gradient

Hey everybody! I’m so excited that it’s starting to warm up here again. This means the sun will be out more and I can start wearing more holos again! I’ve also been grabbing more drug store brand polishes lately. This mani uses a base of Revlon Sultry with a glitter gradient of Holographic Pearls.

IMG_1627a IMG_1611a

IMG_1605a IMG_1596a

 Holographic Pearls is similar to China Glaze Fairy Dust but the glitter is bigger and there’s more of it in the base. You can use it as a glitter topper or get full coverage pretty easily and wear it on it’s own. Sultry looks very blue in my photos but it has a strong purple shimmer in it that looks beautiful in different lighting.

What are your thoughts on drug store polishes? I think some of them are really good, even some of the cheaper ones. I’d also love to know what your favorite season for polishes are? I’m definitely fond of the warmer sunny weather for bright colors and holos but I also like the jewel tones that come out when it gets cooler.

2 thoughts on “Holographic Glitter Gradient

  1. I *love* Revlon Sultry, something about it is very eye catching to me! Since I prefer holo as my favorite finish, I tend to prefer indie polishes, but there are plenty of good drugstore polishes…always fun to find something good and be able to take it home and wear it right away!

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