Zoya Island Fun Collection

I’ve got a treat for you guys today! I received the Zoya Island Fun and Paradise Sun summer collections to swatch and review. As most of you know, Zoya is my favorite mainstream brand and it’s amazing to get these two full collections. They are all gorgeous polishes and are just my style. I’m going to start off with the Island Fun collection, 6 tropical bright cremes. Each polish below is two coats with top coat but I will let you know the consistency of each individual polish. All of them were very glossy but I do always recommend a top coat. The photos on the left (bottle shots) are with no flash and the ones on the right are with flash. And now on to the pictures!

press sample

“Demetria by Zoya can best be described as a vibrant poppy red in a full coverage and densely pigmented cream formula.” And vibrant it is! Demetria is very pigmented and can be worn in 1-2 coats. Very smooth formula, easy to apply and clean up. I don’t normally wear plain red polish but when I do this will be a great option for me, it doesn’t look odd with my skin tone like some warm colors do.

IMG_2211a IMG_2226a

“Nana by Zoya can be best described as a deep summer fuchsia in a full coverage and densely pigmented cream formula.” I found Nana to be a little more fuchsia than the Zoya site shows, which I kind of prefer. Again, this polish is very pigmented and can be worn in 1-2 coats. It also has a very smooth formula that was easy to apply and clean up.

IMG_2230a IMG_2243a

“Serenity by Zoya can be best described as a summer purple in a full coverage and densely pigmented cream formula. Reminiscent of beautiful blooming irises, a harbinger of summer.” Serenity is also a bit darker than it looks on the Zoya website but it is a beautiful summery shade. This one is a little less pigmented than the others so far so I would recommend 2-3 coats. When still wet this polish has a little bit of a skunky smell as I’ve noticed with some polishes that use certain blue pigments. Once it’s dry and/or top coated the smell goes away. Serenity, like the others was very easy to apply and clean up.

IMG_2249a IMG_2261a

“Talia by Zoya can be best described as a true turquoise in a full coverage, densely pigmented cream formula.” My camera was a little bit picky with Talia, I had to adjust the photos a bit because they came out too blue but I think I got them to a good level. This one is very pigmented and only needs 1-2 coats. Unfortunately my bottle was very thick but I’m not sure if I got a bad batch because this was the only polish in this collection like that. Clean up was easy but application was a bit harder because of how thick the polish was but it still came out smooth. Once I get some polish thinner everything should be perfect with Talia.

IMG_2193a IMG_2205a

“Cecilia by Zoya can be best described as a classic teal in a full coverage and densely pigmented cream formula.” Cecilia is a perfect toes in the sand color in my opinion. This one is a little less pigmented, so it will need 2-3 coats. The formula was nice and smooth and applied and cleaned up very nicely. I think this is one of my favorites from this collection, I’m a sucker for teal polish.

IMG_2284a IMG_2298a

“Jace by Zoya can be best described as a modern tropical green in a full coverage formula. A green that is more muted than lime and surprisingly wearable!” I was a bit surprised by how much I liked this color. Jace is more of a yellowy green than the others but it reminds me of palm trees. Application was smooth and clean up was easy but the pigmentation was a bit on the lighter side so I recommend 2-3 coats.

IMG_2273a IMG_2282a

So that’s it for the Island Fun collection. You can purchase each of these polishes for $9 a piece or the set for $54 on Zoya.com. I think my two favorites are Cecilia and Demetria but it really is tough to choose. They are all gorgeous summery colors and I can see myself doing a lot of nail art with these creams, possibly paired with other Zoya colors. What’s your favorite colors from this collection? I’m very excited to show you the Paradise Sun collection in a couple days too.

And as an added bonus, here is my new shelves with all my Zoya polishes! I really need to step up my game with yellows and oranges and I need to move some colors around, but I was going for a rainbow gradient as you can probably tell. I’m hoping to fill in some more space very soon.


Iron Man

Hello everyone! Before I get started with my nails I’d like to wish a very happy birthday to my little girl Andraia (Andi). She’s 3 today, I can barely believe it!


Now who’s seen the new Avengers movie? My husband and I saw it on the 1st and really liked it. I still think the first Avengers was a little better but all the Marvel movies are awesome. Iron Man has probably always been my favorite Avenger, Robert Downey Jr is absolutely perfect for that roll and just makes me love Iron Man even more. So I decided to do some Iron Man nail art the other day.


On my middle finger and thumb I did 3 coats of The Mechanic by Marbles For Polish. On my pinkie I used just one coat of Zoya Alix. For my index and ring fingers I started with a base of Zoya Brooklyn and topped it with Kerry. For the details on my ring finger I painted on Alix, Willa, and Purity with a thin nail art brush. I top coated everything and there you have it!


Who is your favorite Avenger if you’re into the movies and/or comics? Would you like to see me try to represent more Marvel characters? I’ve been meaning to do Spiderman nail art lately, maybe that one will be next.

Geometric Zoya Nails

Hey everyone! I’m part of a super awesome group of nail artists and makers in the Philadelphia, PA area called The Philly Nail Art Community. I did this mani for the April week 2 challenge, geometric nails. I used a base of Rayne and then using striping tape filled in triangles with Tao and Raven. I think this is one of my favorite manis recently. I love the contrast of the light shimmery Rayne with the two darker polishes.

IMG_2155a IMG_2161a

IMG_2144a IMG_2136a

Zoya is still my favorite mainstream brand and I’m super excited for the summer colors coming out! What are your favorite mainstream and indie brands? Are you excited for any upcoming releases?

Sweet Tooth Water Marble

Hey everybody! I totally meant to have this blog post up on Monday, but it’s here for you now! Believe it or not, I haven’t done a full rainbow water marble until now. Of course I had to use my new Sweet Tooth collection for this instead of searching for other colors that went together. These are all neon holos, which sadly don’t show as much sparkle in these pictures as I would have liked. I did a coat of a white creme that I made underneath to make sure the colors would pop.

 IMG_2115a IMG_2111a

I had to include my right hand too because the color really popped and it looked more uniform.

 IMG_2127a IMG_2119a

I did have a little trouble with this marble but that was because I wasn’t using filtered water like normal and I was at the bottom of all the polishes so they got a little thick. Overall they came out really well and I only had to re-do a couple nails. I think I will have to experiment with more full rainbows soon. I’ll break out some Zoya cremes and see what I can do. Do you guys like doing water marbles? What’s your best?

Triangle Nails

Happy Monday everybody! My apologies for not posting any nail art in a while, I’ve been sitting on today’s mani for a while now and just haven’t had the chance to post it. I have a couple others lined up as well so hopefully there will be one a week this month.

For this mani I started with a base of Zoya Neve. I was originally going to use striping tape to mark off where the triangles on each nail should be but it was giving me trouble with the chunkiness of Essie On a Silver Platter. I used a thin nail art brush to draw the triangles and fill them in. I topped the whole thing off with a top coat and that’s that!


IMG_1778a IMG_1768a

I think this mani is simple but sophisticated. It would look really good with red and gold too. I’m so glad I finally got myself  On a Silver Platter, it’s so shiny! And while you’re here, don’t forget today is the last day to pre-order the Sweet Tooth sets in full sized or mini at a discounted price!

IMG_2073 IMG_2082

Head over to my Etsy shop to get yours! After today you can get each full sized polish for $10 plus shipping.

Mars & Key Lime Pie Water Marble

It feels like it’s been way too long since I’ve done a water marble, but when I saw Mars and Key Lime Pie sitting next to each other I just had to do one! Mars is the March birthstone polish this year and Key Lime Pie is from my Just Desserts collection which is available in sets for pre-order right now. I did 3 thinner coats of Mars and then marbles with both polishes and used a top coat. I absolutely love the glitter jelly and creme combo and I always lean towards cool tones on myself. I might have to try doing more water marbles like this soon, though I’d also like to try a full rainbow with some of my new collections too. You can find both of these polishes in my shop and look out for more coming soon!

IMG_2026a IMG_2042a


Just Dessert Collection

Hey everybody! If you haven’t seen yet, I have pre-orders up for my spring cremes. This collection is called Just Desserts and includes six pastel creme polishes. I will have the pre-orders up until March 29th as full sized and mini sets at a discounted price. After that they will be in the shop in full sized bottles only at $9 each. You can head over to my etsy to purchase them.


Strawberry Parfait


Orange Creamsicle


Pineapple Cheesecake


Key Lime Pie


Blueberry Buckle


Lavender Macaron


Holographic Glitter Gradient

Hey everybody! I’m so excited that it’s starting to warm up here again. This means the sun will be out more and I can start wearing more holos again! I’ve also been grabbing more drug store brand polishes lately. This mani uses a base of Revlon Sultry with a glitter gradient of Holographic Pearls.

IMG_1627a IMG_1611a

IMG_1605a IMG_1596a

 Holographic Pearls is similar to China Glaze Fairy Dust but the glitter is bigger and there’s more of it in the base. You can use it as a glitter topper or get full coverage pretty easily and wear it on it’s own. Sultry looks very blue in my photos but it has a strong purple shimmer in it that looks beautiful in different lighting.

What are your thoughts on drug store polishes? I think some of them are really good, even some of the cheaper ones. I’d also love to know what your favorite season for polishes are? I’m definitely fond of the warmer sunny weather for bright colors and holos but I also like the jewel tones that come out when it gets cooler.

Earthy Nails

Hi everyone! I’ve got one of my much loved gradients with flakies for you. This time I wanted to go for something earthy since I’ve already done the Magma and Glacier nails. I started with a base of Zoya Tasha and then sponged on Louise, Josie, and Robyn. I topped it with Fresh Paint Sugar Crush and top coat.

IMG_1567a IMG_1578a


I don’t dislike this gradient but it doesn’t really feel cohesive with the other two. I may end up re-doing an earthy one later down the line. I’m thinking a bright summery one would be good in a few months too.

Red & Blue Dry Marble 2

Silly me almost forgot to post something today! I’ve got another dry marble for you today using Sinful Colors Love Nails and China Glaze Heart of Africa. My friend helped me pick the colors and I think they came out really cool together. Heart of Africa blends in on some spots to make an interesting color but where it is more dense you can really see how gorgeous the red is. I’m actually wearing Heart of Africa on it’s own right now and got some great compliments. And Love nails is a beautiful blue on it’s own. I used it as the base color for this mani and almost didn’t want to mess with it. I love how easy dry marbles are but they look like it took so much longer to do. I think next one I do will be with at least 3 colors.

IMG_1529a IMG_1541a