Color Challenge #6 – Turquoise and Black

We’re coming up to the end of my color challenge posts now. The 6th combo is turquoise and black which I was pretty excited about. I knew exactly what I wanted to do for these colors.


I tried a new to me technique, water spotting. I started with a base of Zoya Talia. I then started the same process you would when water marbling. I dropped some Zoya Willa over the water, but instead of adding other colors or making a pattern in the polish, I used a spritz bottle filled with alcohol and sprayed the polish. The alcohol causes the polish to separate and you can dip your fingers in just like water marbling.

IMG_3329a IMG_3306a

I’m not sure if my water conditions weren’t right, but most of my nails got more of a smokey effect. It still looks cool, but I was going more for of a veiny look to represent actual turquoise. The closest I got was on my pinkie and ring finger on my right hand, which were the first nails I did.


I’m definitely going to try this method again at some point. Have you tried water spotting before or do you have a turquoise and black mani to share? Feel free to post your color combo manis in the comments on my facebook posts that link to each color challenge blog post.

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Color Challenge #2 – Teal and Silver

Hey everybody, I’m back with the next color pairing on my challenge list. Today I’ve got teal & silver, this is my favorite one so far but I’ve still got the last few to paint still.


This is actually my first negative space mani, though I kind of did a faux version since I had some staining. I started with a tinted base coat and then a coat of Zoya Lulu to cover up the staining. They were both still sheer enough and close enough to my natural color that it still looked like negative space under the other colors.

IMG_2618a IMG_2622a

I then used scotch tape to create a triangle stencil and paint Zoya Trixie closest to my cuticle. The tape ended up getting a little messy so I had to do some extra clean up without removing the sheer polish. I definitely could have done it a better way but once I started I just rolled with it. Next I used striping tape to separate the next area and painted Zoya Wednesday up toward the tips of my nails. I did a top coat which evened out some of the imperfections.


I’m so happy with how this one came out. I can see myself doing this negative space pattern again with other colors as well as trying other negative space manis. I would love to see both your teal & silver pairings and any negative space manis you have. To share, please check out the post I’ve made for this blog entry on my facebook page and leave your pictures in the comments.

Color Challenge #1 – Coral and Purple

I really love reading beauty articles, sometimes I even read certain ones more than once even if I’m not going to use any of the tips or techniques. I recently found an article that had a lot of great tips and images, one being this image for mani & pedi color pairings that I spoke of in my last post.


I took this more as pairing these colors in nail art  than doing one color on your fingers and one on your toes. So I’ve decided to do each of these and blog about my pairings. I’m doing them in order, so without further ado, here is coral and purple.


For this mani I started with two coats of Zoya Maya and then top coated it. I used ric rac vinyl nail stencils from Vinyl It Up and painted Zoya Serenity over top then top coated again. I still haven’t quite gotten the hang of vinyls yet but I think they came out alright. I do like this color combo and I love how squishy it looks with the more sheer Maya underneath.


I’m already having a lot of fun with these manis and at the time of this post I have the next few already done and photographed. I would love to see your color pairings too! You can post your pictures of coral/purple manis directly on my link for this blog post on my facebook page so everybody can see and get ideas of their own. Look out for my teal & silver mani on Monday, I’m so excited about that one!

Iron Man

Hello everyone! Before I get started with my nails I’d like to wish a very happy birthday to my little girl Andraia (Andi). She’s 3 today, I can barely believe it!


Now who’s seen the new Avengers movie? My husband and I saw it on the 1st and really liked it. I still think the first Avengers was a little better but all the Marvel movies are awesome. Iron Man has probably always been my favorite Avenger, Robert Downey Jr is absolutely perfect for that roll and just makes me love Iron Man even more. So I decided to do some Iron Man nail art the other day.


On my middle finger and thumb I did 3 coats of The Mechanic by Marbles For Polish. On my pinkie I used just one coat of Zoya Alix. For my index and ring fingers I started with a base of Zoya Brooklyn and topped it with Kerry. For the details on my ring finger I painted on Alix, Willa, and Purity with a thin nail art brush. I top coated everything and there you have it!


Who is your favorite Avenger if you’re into the movies and/or comics? Would you like to see me try to represent more Marvel characters? I’ve been meaning to do Spiderman nail art lately, maybe that one will be next.

Red & Blue Dry Marble

I’ve been wanting to try some dry marbling for a while now, and I really should have done it sooner! I only used two colors for this for marble because I saw two sitting out that I though would look good together. I started with a base of Julep Karmen and when that was mostly dry I put some drops of Karmen and Zoya Song on top. Then all I had to do was swirl around the drops with a dotting tool, but you could use a toothpick or anything else small to do the job. Occasionally swirling the wet polish would pull up some from the base of Karmen, but it was very easy to just fill back in. I purposely didn’t use a top coat over the base color because I wanted everything to blend together. It was a little lumpy after drying, but putting a top coat over the whole thing smoothed it out very nicely. I just love how well these two colors went together. They both have a nice shimmer to them and look even better in person!


IMG_0418a IMG_0414a

Fall Dry Brushing

A while back some of you may have seen I posted this photo on my facebook page, just to brighten up a post.


Somebody suggested it would make a great mani, so instead of just attempting to make a flower which I assumed would turn out bad, I wanted to go another route and just use the colors. I painted my nails with a base of Zoya Josie for a green background. When that dried I was going to put drops of America, Pippa, and Louise at the base of my nails and dry brush them upward. This did not work…. at all. So I decided to just try a normal dry brush, by dipping the brush into the polish and brushing it on to my nail randomly.

IMG_9401a IMG_9406a

The result was not the best in my opinion. I do like the dry brush technique, it’s easy to do, I just didn’t pick the right colors. This one screams muddy fall day. Next time I will most likely do what I’ve seen other people do and use brighter neons with black, or maybe try white and pastels. What are your thoughts on this mani? Love it, hate it?

Flossed Silver

Lately I’ve been at a loss for nail art. There are some specific things I want to do, but they’re a little time consuming and I just haven’t been up for that. I’ve seen the spun sugar look going around, but the other day I saw a tutorial using floss picks. It was so easy to do, though mine didn’t come out looking like spun sugar. I don’t think it would have even if I used pastel colors. I used a base of Zoya Tart and pressed on Cassedy and Trixie with the floss. Left is with top coat and right is without, there isn’t really a visible difference.

IMG_6499a IMG_6519a