Black and Gold French

For today’s mani I have a quick and easy French tip. I wanted to go a different route and so a black base with a gold tip. Originally I wanted to do more of a true yellow gold but I wanted to use both Zoya polishes and somehow I don’t have Ziv or Goldie (I could have sworn I owned Ziv!). So instead I reached for Jules, a more champagne gold. The colors actually go very well together in this mani.

I started with two coats of Dovima, which is a shimmery black matte. Then I free handed Jules over the tips of my nails. I didn’t use a top coat at first so you could see the matte and shiny polishes together.

IMG_2418a IMG_2434a

The I added a top coat which I think I liked better. It makes Dovima darker and more sparkly and just finishes the look. I think the glossy top coat also evens out the look of the tips a bit better since they were done free hand and aren’t completely even.

IMG_2439a IMG_2449a

Do you like the unconventional twist on a French mani or are you a traditionalist? I personally think you can be much more creative this way and get so many different combinations.

Legend of Zelda

Today was really exciting for me. The new Legend of Zelda game came out for the 3DS and there was a new special edition 3DS XL that came out. I’m not even going to play the game and I already have a 3DS, but my husband really wanted them. I’ve been telling him over and over he can’t get it because we don’t have the money, but I reserved the bundle on Monday while he was at school. I’m usually awful at keeping surprises from him, but when he found the DS today (in the dishwasher) he was so excited. In honor of LoZ I did green and gold nails with a triforce accent. I used Sinful Colors Envy and Zoya Kerry. Sorry for the quick badly done photo!


Colorful Tipped Nails

So this look was the first I’ve done with non-Zoya polish since I started buying Zoya. Although I did add Zoya in Trixie the next day to add a little something more. This look features a base of Sexy in the City with a free handed tip in Reggae to Riches, both by China Glaze. I love the hardeners in the China Glaze, I think it will help a lot with how chipped my nails usually get from work. I took pictures of the look after I did it, and then after I added Trixie in between the colors. The silver came out a little thicker than I had wanted, even with using the smallest brush I had, but it’s a nice pop. Which do you like better?

IMG_4543 IMG_4564