Color Challenge #4 – Red and Gold

I’m back with another color challenge today! This time around is red and gold, only three more to go now! I’m very excited about doing the next few.


I used two coats of Zoya Livingston as a base and I sponged on Marbles For Polish Golden Daze as a glitter gradient. Golden Daze is one of my newly released glitters than can be worn on it’s own or as a glitter topper. You can find it along with another ten new polishes in my etsy shop!

IMG_2681a IMG_2685a

Here are a couple photos with flash to show the gold holo micro glitter in Golden Daze. I love how sparkly it is!

IMG_2701a IMG_2692a

How do you guys like this one? I’m still obsessed with all things holo since it’s been so sunny lately, so Golden Daze and my other glitter toppers really satisfy my craving for rainbow bling. And don’t forget that if you have a red and gold mani, or any of the other color combos I’ve posted do far, go check out my facebook page and comment with your pictures on each post.

Champagne Glitter Gradient

Hey, long time, no see! Sorry for being absent here for a bit, but if you’d like to stay updated in other ways I do post on facebook and instagram. I should have a bunch of posts coming up this next month because I’ll be doing a nail art challenge using this color pairing chart. Pedis aren’t necessary, I’m doing it all on my finger nails.


If you would like to join me I’ll be doing them in order starting on August 7th and then posting every Monday and Friday in August until I’ve finished. You can post yours to any social media, but I encourage you to post your pictures in the comments when I post each blog entry on facebook so everybody can see them in one place.

And now on to the actual mani the post is about! I used two coats of Zoya Jules which is a beautiful shimmery taupe polish. I sponged on one of my upcoming Marbles For Polish glitters, Lady Charms. This glitter topper is similar to China Glaze Fairy Dust and Golden Enchantment because it’s both a gold and silver micro glitter.

IMG_2572a IMG_2589a

This mani really reminds me of a bubbly champagne. I think I would wear this again to a classy event because it’s neutral but a little bit jazzed up. Are you guys excited about the new polishes I have coming out? If you haven’t seen them yet check out my instagram for some sneak peeks and look out for all of them early to mid August.

Ignite Gradient

Hey everybody! I’m really excited to share this mani with you today. I’ve gotten a lot of new Zoya shades recently, and of course I’ve had to use a bunch of them. The Ignite collection are all beautiful fall shimmers that work very well together. For this mani I used India, Sansa, and Remy. I started with a normal base coat and sponged on the three colors together with a makeup sponge. Sometimes gradients require another base color, but these polishes are so well pigmented that I was able to get it opaque in a few coats and no colored base. Sponging goes on much thinner than just painting so a few coats is still fairly thin on the nail. I put a top coat on it and then took my pictures….

IMG_0563a IMG_0577a

And then I did this! I added Fresh Paint Sugar Crush, which I feel really made it pop and look more like an “ignite” mani. This is one looks so gorgeous in person too! Sugar crush is definitely one of my favorite toppers because it looks good over pretty much any polish and you don’t need more than one coat to get a bunch of flakies on the nail.

IMG_0592a IMG_0593a

Which version do you like better, with or without Sugar Crush? I’m really liking the mani with it!

Birthday Glitter

Hey everybody! Yesterday was my birthday and the day before that I had a polish meet up in Philly. I had really wanted to do some fun nail art like cupcakes or something but I just wasn’t feeling it when I went to do my nails. I opted for a simple glitter gradient for some birthday sparkle. I used a base of Marbles For Polish Lynn which is now available in my shop. Then I dabbed China Glaze Prism on the tips and used a dry brush to drag it down. I did this a couple times on each nail, dragging it down less each time which made for a pretty successful gradient. Hopefully next year I can do something fancier!

IMG_0344a IMG_0354a

Blue Hawaiian Gradiet

Oh no! You’ve had a break and now your nails are super short. What to do? Well I’m in the same boat for the moment, so hopefully I can bring some decent nub nail art to you for the next couple weeks. Today I have a simple sponged gradient using Zoya Ling and Wednesday. I topped it with Marbles For Polish Blue Hawaiian and in the last two pictures I used Fresh Paint matte top coat.


IMG_0256a IMG_0266a

IMG_0279a IMG_0271a

I really love these colors together! I think Blue Hawaiian goes really well with a lot of different polishes. I love that it’s still a little twinkly under the matte top coat and really blingy with the glossy one. I can’t wait to show you what else I’ve got planned for my short nails!

Pixie Gradient

Today I have a pretty simple mani for you. This one could be done with any of the Zoya pixie dust colors and another shimmer or creme. Looking at this now, I think it would have looked a little better with a black creme. I started with Zoya Cassedy which is a gunmetal shimmer that has a greenish color to it. I think this is why it looks a little off with the black pixie dust. After Cassedy dried I sponged on Dahlia to try to get a gradient effect. It went on a little too thick at the middle so it doesn’t look as blended as I would have liked. I think I might this again at some point with different colors though.

IMG_9504a IMG_9513a

Enchanted Gradient

A couple weeks ago I did a Wear It Wednesday with Enchanted Polish’s June 2014. That one seemed to be the fan favorite out of the three that were released together. I bought all three and was very pleased this time around. Before I had even tried on June I used May 2014 and July 2014 as a gradient. The results were stunning! I don’t often wear the same mani multiple times, but I might do this one again!

IMG_9420a IMG_9432a

I started with a base of Zoya Lulu, which is a sheer nude, and might be my go to base for some of my gradients now. Then I painted May and July onto a makeup sponge and started dabbing it onto my nails. Since I did not wet the sponge first a lot of the polish soaked in and left May (the orange) very light. When I went to do my second hand I used the same spot on the sponge and since it had dried polish on it the orange came out much darker. So I removed it and completely redid it with another spot on the sponge. Both ways looked beautiful but I did prefer this way better. I’m really excited for the next release because I really want September, my birth month.