New Years Giraffe

As some of you may have seen, I said I was going to do something a little different for my New Years nails. I didn’t go out or anything, my husband and I just watched a few episodes of Dr Who. I still felt the need to do something fun and glittery, so why not do something I’ve wanted to for a while? Giraffe nails! Giraffes are my favorite animal and I had planned on doing giraffe nails at some point, but it was going to be browns. But it doesn’t hurt to change an idea a little bit. I used all China Glaze polishes for this one, starting with prism as a base. The spots are Coconut Kiss, and it’s all topped with Fairy Dust.


New Year, New Goodies Giveaway

Happy New Year everybody! Recently I hit 500 likes on my facebook page and I’ve been working on getting together an awesome giveaway for you! So to start off this new year, how about some prizes? The New Year, New Goodies Giveaway runs from January 1st until January 31st. Winners will be picked and contacted by February 3rd. Each prize is going to a different winner, so there are 19 different prizes you can win! Enough talking? You want to see the prizes? Well here they are!


From Marbles For Polish

A Zoya Mini Color Lock System, Hard Candy Polishes in Crush on Amethyst and Crush on Caribbean, a 5 pack of 2 way dotting tools, 10 rolls of striping tape


From Gothic Gala Lacquers

Choice of any two polishes from the GGL etsy shop


From Daily Dose of Polish

Three Sparkle Me This polishes

From ALIQUID Lacquer

1 full size ALIQUID Lacquer Quiet Night In, 1 ALIQUID Lacquer vanilla-scented lip balm


From Philly Loves Lacquer

2 bottles of the winners choice from the Holo-day on Broad collection


From Smokey Mountain Lacquers

A full sized bottle of Starry Night


From Ruby White Tips

A full sized bottle of Jack Frost


From Daphine Polish

Choice of any two polishes from the DP etsy shop


From LynBDesigns

Choice of any two polishes from the LBD etsy shop


From Anne Kathleen

Natasha and Roxanne from the All That Glitters Collection


From Sweet Libertine Mineral Cosmetics

$25 gift certificate to the SLMC shop


From The Crafting Lacquerista

Six piece mini set of pink wet ‘n’ wild nail polishes


From Jindie Nails
A $40 gift code to the Jindie Nails store


From Fickle Fairy Potions

$15 to the FFP Big Cartel shop


From Royal Lacquer

Choice of two full sized bottles of polish and a set of Vynails nail decals


From Ellagee

Choice of one full sized polish and one custom polish bottle keychain


From Sweet Heart Polish

Choice of two full sized polishes


From colouremyobsessions

A Zoya polish in London, an OPI polish in When Monkeys Fly, and $10 gift certificate to (18+ only)


From Deviant Potions

Full sized bottle of Lori


All entrants must be 18 or older, or have consent from an adult to receive a prize. All entrants must live in the US or Canada, or have somebody who can receive their prize for them in the US or Canada. Marbles For Polish and all giveaway sponsors are not responsible for packages once they have been handed over to the postal carrier.


I’ve gotten so many new polishes this month, it’s really hard to decide what I want to do with them. One of the polishes I got from a Secret Santa was China Glaze’s All Wrapped Up. I was eying it up for a while but was never sure if I wanted to get it for myself. I am very glad it was part of my gift! It’s such a pretty shade of super sparkly purple. I thought this color would be perfect for the background for some snowflakes. I wanted to do silver instead of white for the snowflakes, so I used another one of my new polishes, Enchanted Polish’s Dime Piece. I used dotting tools to draw on the snowflakes and add the dots.

IMG_5849a IMG_5861a

Candy Canes

Well it’s now less than a week until Christmas! I’ve been obsessed with using my striping tape, and candy cane nails are so easy with it. For this mani I used Zoya’s Purity and then Sparkle Gloss Top Coat which is a little hard to see in these photos, but it adds a little something and mellows out the white. Then I painted Chyna Pixie Dust over my striping tape and pulled it up. I did use a top coat over the entire thing, but Chyna looks good with or without it. If you want to do this or any other manicure with striping tape, make sure your bottom polish is completely dry and pull the tape up as soon as you paint on the top color.

IMG_5573a IMG_5580a

Christmas Garbage Nails

Guys… I’m really sorry. For this entire post. The photos are awful cell pics and the mani is a disaster, but I felt the need to post my fail. I would have tried something else Christmasy, but with my hand in the brace for a week I couldn’t do much of anything. I knew I had wanted to do more than one Christmas mani for the blog, but this one did not turn out like I had wanted it to. I tried doing the watercolor method but it didn’t work all that well. I covered it up with glitter and that just made it busier. I did get a compliment from one of my regular customers who’s into doing her nails. She said the glitter is what attracted her. I used a base of Purity and the colors on top are Zoya Suvi, Milani Bet on Red, and China Glaze’s Paper Chasing. The glitter topper is Julep’s Shoshanna.

CAM01224-2 CAM01226-2

Snow Day Nails

A few weeks ago I glanced over at a bottle of clear polish that I used half of. I stopped using it because it’s a little on the smelly side and I have my better clear stuff now. I decided to use it to make one more polish. It came out so sheer that I decided to try the jelly sandwich technique with it even though it’s not really a jelly. This is two coats of the polish, then Essie’s Set in Stones, with one more coat of the polish on top. I really like how it came out despite how simple it is. I think I’ll try the technique later with actual jellies.



Halloween Accents

Happy almost Halloween! I knew I wanted to do a little pumpkin on my ring fingers for a festive mani, but after I painted it on my left hand I wasn’t sure that I would be able to do it on my right. Though after what I did with the candies on my right hand I guess I could have.

IMG_4793 IMG_4810

I started with a base of Storm on all my nails. For all the little pictures I used the following colors: White on White, Tomoko, Thataway, Beatrix, Suvi, Chita, Solange, Carter, Chyna, and Ginessa. Wow, that’s a lot! Here are some details of the accent nails.

IMG_4815 IMG_4814

IMG_4803 IMG_4802