Color Challenge #2 – Teal and Silver

Hey everybody, I’m back with the next color pairing on my challenge list. Today I’ve got teal & silver, this is my favorite one so far but I’ve still got the last few to paint still.


This is actually my first negative space mani, though I kind of did a faux version since I had some staining. I started with a tinted base coat and then a coat of Zoya Lulu to cover up the staining. They were both still sheer enough and close enough to my natural color that it still looked like negative space under the other colors.

IMG_2618a IMG_2622a

I then used scotch tape to create a triangle stencil and paint Zoya Trixie closest to my cuticle. The tape ended up getting a little messy so I had to do some extra clean up without removing the sheer polish. I definitely could have done it a better way but once I started I just rolled with it. Next I used striping tape to separate the next area and painted Zoya Wednesday up toward the tips of my nails. I did a top coat which evened out some of the imperfections.


I’m so happy with how this one came out. I can see myself doing this negative space pattern again with other colors as well as trying other negative space manis. I would love to see both your teal & silver pairings and any negative space manis you have. To share, please check out the post I’ve made for this blog entry on my facebook page and leave your pictures in the comments.

Color Challenge #1 – Coral and Purple

I really love reading beauty articles, sometimes I even read certain ones more than once even if I’m not going to use any of the tips or techniques. I recently found an article that had a lot of great tips and images, one being this image for mani & pedi color pairings that I spoke of in my last post.


I took this more as pairing these colors in nail art  than doing one color on your fingers and one on your toes. So I’ve decided to do each of these and blog about my pairings. I’m doing them in order, so without further ado, here is coral and purple.


For this mani I started with two coats of Zoya Maya and then top coated it. I used ric rac vinyl nail stencils from Vinyl It Up and painted Zoya Serenity over top then top coated again. I still haven’t quite gotten the hang of vinyls yet but I think they came out alright. I do like this color combo and I love how squishy it looks with the more sheer Maya underneath.


I’m already having a lot of fun with these manis and at the time of this post I have the next few already done and photographed. I would love to see your color pairings too! You can post your pictures of coral/purple manis directly on my link for this blog post on my facebook page so everybody can see and get ideas of their own. Look out for my teal & silver mani on Monday, I’m so excited about that one!

Iron Man

Hello everyone! Before I get started with my nails I’d like to wish a very happy birthday to my little girl Andraia (Andi). She’s 3 today, I can barely believe it!


Now who’s seen the new Avengers movie? My husband and I saw it on the 1st and really liked it. I still think the first Avengers was a little better but all the Marvel movies are awesome. Iron Man has probably always been my favorite Avenger, Robert Downey Jr is absolutely perfect for that roll and just makes me love Iron Man even more. So I decided to do some Iron Man nail art the other day.


On my middle finger and thumb I did 3 coats of The Mechanic by Marbles For Polish. On my pinkie I used just one coat of Zoya Alix. For my index and ring fingers I started with a base of Zoya Brooklyn and topped it with Kerry. For the details on my ring finger I painted on Alix, Willa, and Purity with a thin nail art brush. I top coated everything and there you have it!


Who is your favorite Avenger if you’re into the movies and/or comics? Would you like to see me try to represent more Marvel characters? I’ve been meaning to do Spiderman nail art lately, maybe that one will be next.

Geometric Zoya Nails

Hey everyone! I’m part of a super awesome group of nail artists and makers in the Philadelphia, PA area called The Philly Nail Art Community. I did this mani for the April week 2 challenge, geometric nails. I used a base of Rayne and then using striping tape filled in triangles with Tao and Raven. I think this is one of my favorite manis recently. I love the contrast of the light shimmery Rayne with the two darker polishes.

IMG_2155a IMG_2161a

IMG_2144a IMG_2136a

Zoya is still my favorite mainstream brand and I’m super excited for the summer colors coming out! What are your favorite mainstream and indie brands? Are you excited for any upcoming releases?

Legend of Zelda Polishes

Hey everybody! I’ve got a pretty late post for you today but it’s definitely worth it. I will be releasing a new polish collection based on The Legend of Zelda franchise on Friday, November 14th. All four polishes are opaque linear holos with smooth application and they will run $10 each. From left to right are: Courage, Power, Wisdom, and Trinity.


Here I did some nail art using all four polishes. I started with a base of Trinity and using striping tape, painted on the other three colors in a triangle pattern. Left is without flash and right is with. All of these colors are stunning in the sun, especially power which is a great plain one coat black out of sunlight, but is super rainbowy in the sun.

IMG_0076a IMG_0102a

Neon Dots

Happy Monday everybody! I’ve got a simple mani, that turned out to be not so simple to do. I started with two coats of Zoya Dahlia and a top coat, easy enough. Then came the dots. I used China Glaze I’m With The Lifeguard, Sun Worshiper, Turned Up Turquoise, and Celtic Sun. I used a dotting tool so it was easy to apply the dots, but Celtic Sun especially was very thin and transparent so I had to wait for the dots to dry a bit and go over them again. It’s a little hard to tell the difference between the yellow and green in the pictures, but it was more noticeable in person. I also wish I hadn’t broken a nail recently because my nails were getting nice and long and I think this mani would have looked a bit better with more black showing. What are your thoughts on this mani?



Holo Watermelon

Before I get into this mani I just want to state that it was not going to be watermelons at first, it was just going to be stripes. I changed it up for two reasons, one being because I started doing the stripes and the two greens together screamed watermelon to me. The second reason was because I owe you guys some actual nail art. I’ve been doing a lot of gradients and other simple stuff lately and I need to put in more effort when possible. And now for some nails!


I started with a base of Hero’s Shade from Philly Loves Lacquer. This polish was exclusive to the July 2014 Holo Grail Box by Dazzled. I put a top coat over that and saved the nail art for the next day. I used striping tape on my middle and ring fingers and topped it with March 2014 from Enchanted Polish then removed the tape right away. On the other nails I took a french tip guide and turned it around so it curved around the bottom of my nail. I used Enchanted Polish’s July 2014 for the red and removed the guide. I let that dry a bit then carefully used striping tape over Hero’s shade again and painted on March. I used a toothpick to dot on the seeds with Zoya’s Raven. Once the black was dry enough I used my top coat which did cause a tiny bit of streaking from the black. Left photo below is with flash and right is without, above photo is also with flash.

IMG_9669a IMG_9663a

I am very happy with how this mani turned out! I think the stripes look super cool because the holo in March is more pronounced than in Hero’s Shade and they contrast very well. I was a little sad at first because I didn’t have a watermelon colored holo, but then I remembered I had this red and it fit so perfectly! Anything lighter wouldn’t have looked right in my opinion. What are your thoughts on this one? I think it’s one of my best manis in a while.